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Welcome to Watch Crypto! Here you can watch some of the top Web3, DeFi, GameFi, and other crypto related YouTube channels.




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Crypto Banter

Ready Set Crypto

BitBoy Crypto

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Crypto Daily

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Popular Blockchain Influencers and Crypto YouTube Channels

Here are some of the most popular crypto youtube influencers. These crypto YouTubers produce blockchain and cryptocurrency videos frequently to help share up to date news, introduce audiences to new projects, and provide valuable insights into the world of blockchain and web3 3. Check a few of them out to see if their coverage style is right for you! There is lots of diversity in the list so you're sure to find a channel that you enjoy.

Altcoin Daily crypto videos

Altcoin Daily

Date Channel Started: Jan 2018
Language: English
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Description: Altcoin Daily posts multiple videos every week and sometimes multiple videos daily. They are one of the top content creator channels in the crypto space. If you are looking for a crypto news source that is always on top of the current market trends tehn look no further then Altcoin Daily!

View Altcoin Daily >>


BitBoy Crypto video playlist

BitBoy Crypto

Date Channel Started: Feb 2018
Language: English

Description: BitBoy Crypto is the place where you can get news, coin & token reviews, wallet reviews, parodies, & much more! Come be part of our community which we call the BitSquad. Ben from BitBoy Crypto first got into Bitcoin in 2012 and in 2018 he started his YouTube channel.

View BitBoy Crypto >>

Altcoin Buzz video playlist

Altcoin Buzz

Date Channel Started: January 2016
Language: English
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Description: Altcoin Buzz YouTube Videos cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and all the Upcoming Altcoins and Exciting Projects in the Cryptocurrency space and do Daily Crypto News and Weekly Technical Analysis on all the Top Cryptocurrencies.

We are a Community-led Organization, Driven by People who are Extremely Enthusiastic about the Crypto Space and Excited about the Future of Blockchain Technology.

Information shared on Altcoin Buzz is strictly our own opinion and not professional or financial advice and you should always consult a financial advisor and do your own research before investing in anything.

View Altcoin Buzz >>


Voskcoin crypto videos


Date Channel Started: April 2017
Language: English
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Description: VoskCoin is the best source of cryptocurrency news, reviews, and tutorials. VoskCoin reviews popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as up and coming cryptocurrencies. VoskCoin covers everything from GPU mining rig builds to the latest cryptocurrency news and everything in between such as tutorials on how to mine new coins or using new crypto sites!

View Voskcoin >>

Chico-Crypto-Videos New Gem

Chico Crypto

Date Channel Started: October 2011
Language: English

Description: Informational cryptocurrency and altcoin videos for the beginner to advanced crypto enthusiast. Brought to you by Tyler Swope of Chico Crypto!

View Chico Crypto >>

Crypto Daily

Date Channel Started: August 2014
Language: English

Description: The content created by the Crypto Daily team consists of comedy as a pleasant underlying tone of his almost daily shows. He is known for telling it like it is and being honest about crypto projects. His intros and outros will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Cam is the host of this popular blockchain social media influencer account.

View Crypto Daily >>


Date Channel Started: July 2017
Language: English

Description: DataDash is a one of the most popular Blockchain social media channels. It started in July of 2017 and since this time has released over 300 videos. DataDash offers a well rounded set of videos stemming from ICO reviews, trading tips, to SQL and data analytics for beginners. This is one of the top crypto YouTube channels to watch.

View DataDash >>

Coin Bureau videos

Coin Bureau

Date Channel Started: Jan 2019
Language: English

Description: The Coin Bureau is your insider resource to the latest and greatest in the crypto space. Founded in 2017, the Bureau draws on the experience of a host of cryptocurrency and forex professionals. They conduct in-depth research on some of the hottest projects and topics in the space.

View Coin Bureau >>

Ivan Liljeqvist | Good Morning Crypto

Date Channel Started: July 2013
Language: English

Description: Ivan Liljeqvist is a software developer from Sweden. This channel is all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Ivan is an international blockchain influencer, speaker and educator. He is a major influencer in the crypto community with an audience that is very passionate about the crypto space as a whole. If you are interested in learning how to code on the blockchain, run a business on the blockchain, or simply stay up to date on industry news and innovations - this is one of the top crypto channels to watch.

View Ivan Liljeqvist >>

Andreas Antonopoulos crypto videos

Andreas Antonopoulos

Date Channel Started: May 2006
Language: English

Description: Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts. He is known for delivering electric talks that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdotes, and historical precedent effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

View Andreas Antonopoulos >>

You can view a list of crypto influencers on YouTube here. If you are interested in seeing if your project is a good fit to collaborate with any influencers, you can get in touch with UPM Agency here - contact[at]