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2023 Crypto Play 2 Earn Project To Keep An Eye On | Kryxivia (KXA)

What is Kryxivia?

Kryxivia is one of the first playable play to earn MMORPG games on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is set to become a cross-chain metaverse game and has already partnered with Polygon through their Gaming Studio.

There’s no particular technical requirement to get started playing the P2E game other than a modern Windows machine. MacOS and Linux users, can also enjoy the full-featured gameplay in the browser for free.

In the Kryxivia play to earn game, players battle to conquer new weapons, skills, and spells. By fighting various bosses, clearing out ares such as dungeons, and joining guilds, players increase their chances of getting rare items that can in turn be used to face stronger opponents opening up more game play.

The game has been compared to popular PC games such as World Of Warcraft in its early stages, and the KXA team seems to have taken inspiration from some of the old school classic MMORPG games as inspiration for Kryxivia's development.

What is Play to Earn?

Play2Earn (P2E) is revolutionizing the online gaming landscape by providing a new type of system that rewards players in cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional game systems where points or special unlockable items are earned, P2E encourages players to take part in skill-based games to win digital money. Not only can gamers use P2E to compete and increase their wealth, but they can also earn extra income through referral programs. By participating in Play2Earn, users have unprecedented opportunities to generate revenue from gaming.

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Kryxivia is one of the few play to earn projects that has managed to survive the recent crypto bear market and has continued to build and grow out its community. You can learn more about the Kryxivia play to earn blockchain game here.