5 of the Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

5 of the Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

A new financial landscape is evolving and growing in popularity every day. People all around the world are beginning to understand and learn more about blockchain technology and projects developing in the crypto space. Scarce cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Proof of Stake coins such as Ethereum are in high demand. One of the best ways to accumulate cryptocurrencies is to earn it through a passive income strategy using blockchain affiliate programs.

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Passive income earned by accumulating cryptocurrency

You can accumulate cryptocurrencies and digital assets by referring others to blockchain projects that you believe in and feel comfortable promoting. Affiliate programs allow you to refer new customers or users to a platform that in return compensates you in either their tokens, fiat currency, or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ivan on Tech Acadamy referral program - This is a great program because you are sharing a new life skill and potential promising career path to those interested in learning blockchain programming.

Ledger Hardware Wallet referral program - A hardware wallet allows people to become their own banks and securely store and manage their digital assets. Ledger is a great company to promote because the organization behind Ledger is working on a number of exciting helpful products and services for our future global economy.

  • The commission for the Ledger referral program is 10% of the net sale amount on each order
  • Ledger is a leading digital asset wallet
  • Visit Ledger affiliate program

RealT Blockchain Real Estate referral program

Crypto.com referral program and crypto payment cards - A centralized crypto exchange and crypto payment card provider.

CryptoHopper referral program - Regarded as one of the worlds leading trading bots! The CryptoHopper affiliate program allows you to make commission on a monthly basis as long as your referrals are active.

  • Earn a minimum of $1,90 a month for each user who signs up for an Explorer Hopper, $4,90 for each Adventure Hopper referral and $9,90 for each Hero! To maximize your earnings, each referral will also earn you up to 15% (10% base) over each of their payments, including; signals, strategies and marketplace items. It all counts.
  • Visit CryptoHopper to sign up and get your affiliate link

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