Altcoin Daily Gets Excited About Benchmark Protocols P2P Marketplace

Altcoin Daily Gets Excited About Benchmark Protocols P2P Marketplace

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Altcoin Daily talks about Benchmark Protocol (MARK / xMARK).

What is Benchmark Protocol?

Benchmark Protocol is a supply elastic collateral and hedging device that revolves around the volatility index. Their token MARK allows for staking, governance voting, and yield farming via their incentivized liquidity pools.

Recent News Related to Benchmark Protocol:

Recently announced, the upcoming Benchmark Protocol P2P Marketplace will be the first use case for a rebasing token ever. I think it's safe to say this token will not stay a hidden gem forever. This news comes ahead of Ampleforth (in terms of use case) and closing the gap (in terms of market cap) very quickly. Chainlink, Harmony, CAKE, are already whitelisted for launch. 

The Marketplace will be a world-first cross-chain (Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, with more being added soon) P2P lending platform with no registration required. An additional yield farming strategy will be available to the entire DeFi space. 

Benchmark recently announced that xMARK (ERC-20) is listed on This news brings Benchmark closer to the Asian DeFi community. xMARK is a representation of MARK which does not rebase. It is also a governance token similar to FORTH with a significantly smaller valuation. 

The Press, Benchmark’s own yield farming platform, has a MARK-USDC pair with almost 300% APY, one of the highest in DeFi. A MARK-ETH Pair has a consistent 200% APY. On Pancakeswap, MARK-BUSD and xMARK-BUSD farms with a matching xMARK syrup pool are available for large APY farming with low transaction costs. If you haven't been keeing an eye on Benchmark.. now's the time.

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