Best yield farming optimizer to use for the most gains (YFO)

Best yield farming optimizer to use for the most gains (YFO)

In 2020, no ‘pure’ crypto enthusiast can insist that they have successfully ignored the lush idea of yield farming totally. Since Compound made its mark in the decentralized finance (DeFi) hustle with the COMP governance token, crypto users have swarmed towards developing new and ingenious strategies to generate the most yield from their token investments. This move effectively shows how long it’s been since the Initial Coin Offering boom was all that mattered in the crypto space. 

One of those bright ideas put forward was by Andre Cronje, whose design philosophy mapped the creation of the now-famous YFI. To put YFI’s achievement in a sentence, YFI amassed its fanbase when it achieved 2000% APR, and it managed to hold a 100+% APR return rate for quite a while before newer models and strategies grabbed their own share of the limelight.

Using the idea as a base model, many experts are in their workshops redesigning what is now popularly known as a yield farming optimizer (YFO). The YFO is essentially a yield farming protocol created to maximize profit by shifting invested digital assets around in target circles to provide a level of liquidity that provides the highest paying yield opportunities. 

A perfect example of such a successful redesign is JFI by the Justpool finance team. The team deployed JFI as the yield farming optimizer on the Tron platform with numerous pools on JustSwap, to begin with. The change led to an increase in net profit and reduced gas fees for participation in the liquidity provision on the JustSwap platform.

We can see the purpose of a yield farming optimizer in two points:

  • First, there’s a baiting fee termed ‘trading fees’ that the platform can now employ to draw in liquidity providers. This incentive favors both the system leaders and liquidity providers.
  • JFI staking can then become executable on as many as 21,000 tokens to achieve an exponential return on profit as liquidity factors in. Of course, this comes along with voting and governance rights to widen the scope of Defi yield farming on the JustPool finance platform.

In their system, the community oversees governing the $JFI, and the rules are set so that token earnings can only be through mining as there are no plans for ICOs, and pre-mines are also out of the equation. Other system governors might want to keep a hold on some of their tokens, but claiming to open the total number of tokens to the community has proven to be the fastest way to draw liquidity catalysts in. 

The $JFI yield farming pools have also been set to be mined in as little as 10 weeks. The strategy is to mine three pools that contain an equal number of tokens (7000 each) weekly, with half to be mined in the first week, before an estimation on the half of that number is mined in the following week. The progression continues with half of the present week mined in the next until the ten weeks are over. Subsequently, the team will share the liquidity stakes as a reward to all miners in each pool.

The execution of a yield farming optimizer such as this provides interesting insight towards the future of DeFi. After all, an increase in the probability of earning profit is always welcome, and where the profit yield grows, is where you’ll see liquidity investors.

Best Yield Farming Optimizer (YFO)

An exciting new Yield Farming Optimizer coming soon is the one from DefiYield.Info. Be sure to check them out for new updates and features regarding defi and yield farming opportunities.

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