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Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video by Crypto Daily. In this video you will get a little update on the cryptocurrency market and hear possible reasons why Bitcoin has seen a little bump and may head north in the months to come.

Reason #1

Stock markets are on a downward trend. Crypto could be a safe heaven from the Fiat markets. Historically Autumn has been a bad time for crypto prices.. which as of lately the prices go the opposite way base on what one would think. Usually crypto prices follow the stock market but this time could be different.

Reason #2

The squeeze! Market signals and moving averages for 50 day, 200 day, and intra day triangles. There is less volatility in the crypt markets, volume is low and a swing could occur soon.

Reason #3

Bakkt could launch soon pending regulatory decision making. 100's of millions if not more could be used for trading using actual Bitcoins for various trading techniques.

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Stay informed on the latest blockchain and crypto news:

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