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Bitcoin Core Protocol | What is a Protocol

Welcome to this episode of Good Morning Crypto. In this episode you will learn about Bitcoin Core Protocol, and the difference between protocol and implementation. Ivan Liljeqvist is a programmer with a great deal of blockchain knowledge.

What is a protocol - A protocol is a blueprint. Bitcoin is a protocol, it is a network, it is a currency. But at it's core Bitcoin is a protocol. a protocol is a blueprint for how computers communicate with each other. It defines rules, and how the computers communicate over the internet. A protocol is more of the idea phase which deals with theory and discussion of how something should be. A whitepaper is something that outlines and defines a protocol. Developers can then read the whitepaper and take the rules outlines and build an implementation of the protocol.

What is an implementation - An implementation is when a developer takes the same protocol but builds there own adaptation of the protocol. You can have many different implementations of the same protocol. Developers can use different languages and different methods to build the code/implementation of a protocol.

What is Bitcoin Core - Bitcoin core is the main implementation of the protocol used to outline Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Core is just one implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol (whitepaper). It is however the most popular implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.

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