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Bitcoin vs Ripple

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto currency episode of The Modern Investor. In this episode you will hear about news regarding Bitcoin and Ripple primarily. Which crypto currency has a brighter future?

Is Bitcoin scaleable? what are the flaws in Bitcoin? Will the release of Xrapid overtake the dominance of BTC? Will Bitcoin go away, if so how fast? Is it all FUD about Ripple XRP and just the schilling of a few that are making waves in the industry right now?

Government Regulations

The regulatory landscape is being discussed in France Tuesday Sept 25th 2018. Regulations seem to be slowly moving forward and companies such as Ripple, Coinbase, and Nasdaq have reportedly confirmed attendance.

Time and time again the same names are present at these regulation meetings. Coinbase and Ripple are all over the regulations in the crypto scene while names such as Cardano, and Ethereum are not present. This can be used as a sign to help predict which crypto currencies are paving the way for regulatory framework and better cooperation with governing bodies.

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Stay informed on the latest blockchain and crypto news:

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