15 Blockchain affiliate programs with high paying commissions

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

15 Blockchain affiliate programs with high paying commissions

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Welcome to this blockchain video posted by LiteLiger. In this video, you will learn about blockchain affiliate programs with high paying commissions. Blockchain and cryptocurrency affiliate programs are a great way to earn passive income and accumulate digital assets.

Traditional FIAT Affiliate Programs

Traditionally affiliate programs work through generating referrals. When a referral performs an action such as making a purchase within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate link. The referring affiliate will be given a reward if a purchase is made and enough time has passed to validate the order. In traditional 'finance 1.0' referral programs the affiliate will usually receive a percentage commission of the total sale or profit generated from the transaction. Payment is made in FIAT currency.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Blockchain and cryptocurrency affiliate programs work similarly to traditional affiliate programs. But instead of paying commission in FIAT money, they often pay commissions in cryptocurrency. Here are some of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency affiliate programs worth signing up for this year.

List of Blockchain affiliate programs with high paying commissions

  1. Ledger crypto wallet affiliate program referral link
    • The commission is 10% of the net sale amount on each order
    • As the leading digital asset wallet, this blockchain affiliate program sees higher than average conversions
    • Visit Ledger affiliate program
  2. Crypto.com crypto card coupon referral program
  3. Unstoppable Domains
  4. Ivan on Tech Academy affiliate program referral link
  5. RealT Blockchain real estate affiliate program
    • RealT allows anyone to become a real estate agent using blockchain technology.
    • You receive 2% cashback on any purchases made by your referrals.
    • You get dividends paid to you based on your own holdings in real estate. Paid to you as rent dividends. So you can have a portfolio of real estate and get daily/monthly payouts from your rental properties you are invested in.
    • Your referral will get the same, but you also get 2% cashback on the purchases of tokens they make.
    • Visit RealT affiliate program here to get started.
  6. Paxful affiliate program referral link
    • Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange operating globally. Here affiliates get 20% of the fee from transactions made by your referrals.
    • Paxful has tons of ways to buy and sell Bitcoin. This allows much more freedom to transfer and accumulate funds. One of the best crypto platforms.
    • Visit Paxful affiliate program here
  7. Celsius Network affiliate program referral link
  8. Lolli affiliate program referral link
  9. CryptoTab mining browser affiliate program
  10. Hashflare affiliate program referral link
    • Hashflare is a cloud mining service which allows user to mine cryptocurrency purchasing mining contract (renting their hardware). They offer a 10% commission for their affiliates who purchase their mining contract through your link.
    • Visit Hashflare affiliate program here
  11. Changelly affiliate program referral link
  12. Binance affiliate program referral link
  13. Brave and BAT affiliate program referral link
  14. Trezor affiliate program referral link
  15. Coinbase affiliate program referral link
    • Commission: When a user buys $100 of BTC, receive $10 of BTC
  16. ByBit affiliate program referral link
    • This rewards 10% of the third level user’s trading fees. Lastly, the ByBit affiliate program also rewards users who manage to refer high-volume traders with an extra commission. This commission can be up to 35% for the highest tier of trading activity.

New highly anticipated blockchain affiliate programs

HASHWallet Affiliate program

A few new projects are in the works that crypto affiliate marketers are hoping to have high paying affiliate programs. HASHWAllet, for example, is a new type of non-programmable smart hardware wallet that looks to be a promising new product for crypto enthusiasts. Similar to the Ledger referral program it is expected that HASHWallet will make use of an affiliate referral program to boost sales and give back to their community.

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