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NFT Show Europe 2022

The NFT Show Europe event is known to be one of the biggest crypto-art and blockchain events in Europe!

Taking place in Valencia, Spain - this event is one of the first of its kind on a scale of its size. NFTs are still new to the crypto scene yet the NFT community is growing rapidly.

The NFT Show Europe event provides an avenue for artists, platforms, crypto experts, and collectors to share their views on NFTs and cryptocurrencies through art exhibits.

Attendees will get to see different NFT based art forms in the shape of things like AR and digital collectibles, as well as interactive and glitch art. NFTs are part of a powerful underlying type of code that we are just beginning to unravel.

Attendees can expect a range of activities, such as workshops, tech shows, and a unique Experience Hall, that will further their understanding and knowledge of digital assets, web 3.0 and NFTs.

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