Blockchain News February 23, 2019

Blockchain News February 23, 2019

University of California Researchers Propose Blockchain System for Clinical Data

The researchers reportedly developed a blockchain-powered system that aims to improve the traceability and immutability of collected clinical data, ... read more

IBM Blockchain Head: Bitcoin (BTC) Could See $5000 By 2019's End, But $1M Eventually

It seems that the season of Bitcoin price predictions is on this nascent sector yet again. In a recent interview with's crypto branch, held at ... read more

Swisscom Blockchain presents self sovereign identity solution, SERAPH ID

At NEO DevCon 2019, Swisscom Blockchain, a consensus node and NeoID ... as the NEO Zürich hackathon, previously covered by NEO News Today. .. read more

Industry Experts Weigh In On Zuckerberg's Data Sharing Blockchain System Plans

The notice came at a time when the social media site was being hit with fake news, its data scandal through Cambridge Analytica, alleged Russian ... read more

Ripple's Partners Showcase How Blockchain Tech. is Allowing them to Expand Globally

At a recent Ripple event, three of the company's European business partners demonstrated how blockchain technology was helping them expand ... read more

What do manufacturers need to know about blockchain?

Blockchain is built to be secure. ... Newsroom: Industry News ... While the blockchain itself is highly secure, the “wallets” used to store the digital ... read more

QuadrigaCX case: Canada's big banks wary of cryptocurrency asset

The wary skepticism that Canada's big banks have for the cryptocurrency industry was on full display Friday when a Nova Scotia judge issued an ... read more

Reddit Co-Founder: Cryptocurrency Bear Market Has Erased Price Speculators

The marketplace of cryptocurrency is still recovering from the bullish run at the ... While Ohanian is a well known cryptocurrency bull, he admits that the ... read more

Signature Bank Beats JPMorgan To Ethereum-Based Token Services

The bank created Signet, a blockchain-based payment ecosystem using ... "We're using an ethereum blockchain within essentially our own walled ... In my interview with him, Signature Bank cofounder, CEO and president Joe ... read more

A new P2P content distribution platform adds a former BitTorrent executive as an advisor

In the interview, Morris stated there was “no way” Tron's blockchain could handle the transaction volume on BitTorrent. Morris is now taking his deep ... read more

Is Binance DEX a Real Threat to Ethereum's Blockchain Ecosystem? Has the Great Migration

These details were shared in an CZ interview with one of the prominent .... as eight projects will be leaving Ethereum's blockchain to join Binance Chain... read more

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