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Blockchain Real Estate Affiliate Program | RealT Fractional Investing

Blockchain Real Estate Affiliate Program | RealT Fractional Investing

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto video about RealT. RealT is a blockchain cryptocurrency project that allows for fractional real estate investing.

For the first time, investors around the world can own a basket of real estate in the US real estate market. This is made possible through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Ownership of the RealTokens is bridged to the ownership of the property.

Affiliate Real Estate Agent Using Blockchain

When you invest in a RealT property (even if it's just one token owned), you are able to become a blockchain real estate affiliate.

RealT Affiliate Program Commission and Perks

Investors and token holders in any RealT property get but not limited to the following:

  • 2% cashback on all RealTokens sold through referrals
  • VIP access to special promotions and upcoming events
  • Early notification of new real estate listings

To begin and start earning as a blockchain real estate agent you need to create an account on and purchase at least 1 token in a rental property. This get's your toes wet and makes sure that you have completed KYC and understand how the fractional ownership of real estate works. Once you have done this you can begin building your own real estate investment portfolio. As rent payments come in and more people are referred by you to this new age of real estate rental property ownership you will start earning passive income.

Who can apply and be part of the RealT affiliate program?

  • The RealT Affiliate Program is open only to any “non-U.S. person” located outside of the United States who has purchased at least one RealToken of any Series of RealToken LLC.

How do commissions work with the RealT affiliate program?

  • RealT will pay a referral fee (“Commission”) for each customer referred to the website by an affiliate through the affiliate’s Link who completes a purchase on the website of one or more RealTokens of a Series of RealToken LLC.  The standard commission will consist of a cash payment to the affiliate equal to two percent (2%) of the dollar amount of RealTokens purchased by the referred customer.

What is the first step to becoming an affiliate?

  • You first must create an account, verify your email address through the email sent to you.
  • You can then view the marketplace and explore the listings that are currently available to invest in.
  • You must purchase at least 1 token. You can purchase a token by paying with PayPal or by using a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • Once you have purchased a token you will need to complete KYC in order to receive your token.
  • You are then given access to the affiliate section where you can grab your affiliate link and share to others.
  • Once your referrals purchase tokens you will receive cashback rewards for every token then purchase. The current rate is set to 2% cashback.

How does my RealtT affiliate referral code work?

  • A referral code looks like this:
  • When people click through your affiliate link to RealT, RealT tracks the visits and purchases of the people who clicked your link.
  • If a person buys a token of a property in the same browser session after following your link (within 3 days), you earn a 2% commission on their purchase and all their purchases going forward.
    • The lifetime referral means that any purchases that this person makes in the future will enable you to get the 2% commission. They will no longer have to click through your affiliate link as their account will be recognized as a referral of your account.
    • One thing to note here is that if your referral does not make a purchase of any new tokens for 1 year then they will no longer be considered a referral. A way to help avoid this is by sharing new properties and news made available in the RealT marketplace.
  • You can use the default referral link provided in your account to link to the RealT home page. Or you can use any landing page such as that of a new listing and share the direct landing page link equipped with your affiliate code. To do this you need to copy the new URL and include your referral snippet to it.

Can I increase my RealT affiliate commission higher than 2% cashback?

  • At this time the cashback reward is set as a flat rate of 2% no matter how many referrals you have or how much tokens are being purchased by your referrals.

Digital Real Estate Professionals

The cryptocurrency revolution has turned assets digital. Specifically, Ethereum is an internet settlement network for digital Assets. RealT is the first company to use Ethereum for the digital management of real world real estate investments. This new frontier offers new opportunities for those who are looking for internet-based work!

The RealT Affiliate Program is designed to offer new opportunities for those who are interested in becoming digital real estate professionals.

Many RealT customers are already RealT affiliates! RealT affiliates receive 2% cash-back for every client they refer to the RealT website, and creates new opportunities to generate income using the internet!