Blockchain Smart Contract Web Links | 2Key Network

Blockchain Smart Contract Web Links | 2Key Network

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by 2Key Network. In this video you learn about the 2Key Network blockchain services. 2Key has created an innovative new way to run affiliate marketing campaigns. Through the use of blockchain smart contracts, 2Key is able to create blockchain referral links using regular https:// links. Through this innovative approach, 2Key is able to create a precise information sharing chain where all participants get rewarded.

2Key Blockchain Referral Web Links

2key is a key with two dimensions, smart contracts are seamlessly embedded within any web-link. Anytime a link is shared, 2keys network keeps track of the information on both the link's origin and its destination.

Web 3.0 Blockchain Links

Web 3.0 protocol allows for 2key links to be shared and tracks both the sender and the receiver to reward all parties involved. When an event occurs such as a purchase of a product or service the participants can be rewarded as per the variables set in the smart contract.

Referrals are powerful

People are 5 times more likely to try a product or service that has been referred to them by someone they know and trust.

Disruptive and revolutionizing affiliate referral system

There is tremendous potential for smart contract referral links to disrupt centralized affiliate systems. 2Key Network revolutionizes the multi-billion dollar affiliate marketing industry.

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