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DogeDash is a New Play2Earn Crypto Game! | Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz | DogeDash is a Mario Style Play 2 Earn Crypto Game!

Welcome to Watch Crypto! Today we have a look at DogeDash! a fun Mario style game where you can earn crypto from playing!

The aim of the game is simple... Dash as fast as you can through all of the 10 levels whilst collecting coins along the way. Successful players who complete all 10 levels will be rewarded with the collected Doge Dash coins direct to their wallets.

Doge Dash features 10 fun, fast paced levels with the degree of difficulty increasing as the player progresses. Players must navigate over and under platforms, monsters and even a zombie infested City to reach the Dog House and complete the game.

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Checkdot Protocol | A First to Market in Anonymous Validations through Decentralized Forms

Checkdot Protocol | First to Market - Anonymous Validations through Decentralized Forms

Welcome to Watch Crypto!

Tech company, CheckDot has announced the first-ever decentralized trust protocol – CheckDot – that allows crypto enthusiasts and firms to ascertain the legitimacy, transparency, and trustworthiness of any crypto project or company on the blockchain, anonymously. The projects include smart contracts, NFTs, codes, and others on the blockchain.

With this innovation, CheckDot becomes the first company on the Binance Smart Chain to create an "opinions platform" that helps to unearth hidden information about companies and different digital projects through the collection of information from different people on the blockchain. Hence, the new technology will help increase the trusts their users/clients have in them.

The objective of the company is to address the growing trust deficit that presently exists in the blockchain world by helping companies and project owners maintain or regain the trust of their users through an anonymous validation system.





Chico Crypto Exclusive Interview with Polkadot founder Gavin Wood 2021

Chico Crypto Exclusive Interview with Polkadot founder Gavin Wood | Sept 21 2021

Welcome to Watch Crypto!

In this video Chico Crypto gets his exclusive interview with Polkadot founder Gavin Wood!! Topic of discussion in this video is when Polkadot parachains are coming, how the Audits are going, and the meaning behind the Kusama logo.

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Topics, Organizations, People used in this crypto video

  • Polkadot
  • Kusama
  • Audits
  • Gavin Wood
  • Canary Networks

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Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Chico Crypto

Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Chico Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Chico Crypto talks about - Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Check out the video above or read the summary below to find out.

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Name of Organizations/companies/persons used in this crypto video

  • RatioGang
  • Bitcoin
  • EIP 1559
  • Eric Conner
  • BTC Maxi
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • SEC
  • CSO
  • Blockstream
  • Gary Gensler
  • Samson Mow
  • Jay Clayton
  • BitsBeTrippen
  • GAS Fees
  • CovidPunks
  • Takenstheorem
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Sage
  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • John Wolpert
  • ETHAtlanta Hackathon & Keynotes
  • Atlanta Tech Park
  • Baseline Protocol, 
  • Baseledger
  • the Provide stack
  • Microsoft
  • Splunk
  • EY
  • ConsenSys
  • Coke One North America (CONA)
  • ServiceNow
  • Andromeda
  • Howey Test
  • BTC Maxipads
  • CovidPunks
  • EIP Upgrade
  • MEV bots
  • Baseline Protocol
  • Ethereum mainnet!
  • Coke One
  • Unibright
  • UBT

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Summary of the whole video

Ethereum London has activated & the burn upgrade deployed into the main Ethereum chain without a hitch. Ethereum is getting destroyed, thrown into the actual Ether to never return!

Initially the news was that Ethereum would dump when the upgrade happened! Well that wasn’t the case, Ethereum actually pumped, and crossed 2800, setting its sights on the fabled $3000 dollar level once again. 21.7 increase in past 7 days. 

It is way better when compared with Bitcoin (BTC) which has loss of 1.5 percent. As per RatioGang...Ethereum is still undervalued compared to Bitcoin and it has more activities as compared to dull Bitcoin. 

Eric Conner, the actual co-author of the burn upgrade, EIP 1559 tweeted. “The Bitcoin community has gotten so pathetic that they actively beg regulators to classify ETH as a security. This has been going on for years. He shows BTC Maxi’s calling for the SEC. Chairman, Gary Gensler, to classify ETH as a security and Even Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream tweeted “Tell me your a security without telling me your a security”. 

Although the SEC in 2018 said that Ethereum is now decentralized enough, and thus isn’t a security! And Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton in 2019...reiterated it!


Best DeFi Crypto Exchange | Swarm Markets | Better than Uniswap, Balancer, or Sushiswap?

Best DeFi Crypto Exchange | Swarm Markets | Better than Uniswap, Balancer, or Sushiswap?! Altcoin Daily

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Altcoin Daily Best DeFi Crypto Exchange | Swarm Markets | Better than Uniswap, Balancer, or Sushiswap? and much more!

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Name of Organizations / digital currencies / persons / digital platforms / applications used in the video

  • Swarm
  • Swarm Market
  • DeFI
  • Uniswap
  • Balanacer
  • SushiSwap
  • Ethereum
  • Dai stableCoin
  • swarm capital gmbh
  • section 64y
  • German Banking Act
  • German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  • SMT
  • Security Tokens
  • Tesla Bitcoins
  • SMT Token
  • KYC
  • AML
  • BNB Token
  • Hedge Funds

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 2

swarm markets is the world's first regulated DeFi protocol it is a high liquidity cryptocurrency and  security exchange for retail traders and financial institutions alike. It is similar to Uniswap, Balancer and SushiSwap, however, regulated. 

swarm markets will be useful to you if you value  self-custody if you value transparency if you value participation but you also want to remain  compliant confident and have a greater peace of mind that your digital assets are future proof. To use this platform all you need to start is  Ethereum ether or Dai stableCoin

Summary of Timestamp 3

You would choose swarm if you want something 100% regulated and compliant. In terms of regulatory licensing requirements swarm capital gmbh operates  under the exemption according to section 64y of the German Banking Act and is regulated by the  German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Though regulated in Germany, but many countries can use this platform. 

Summary of Timestamp 4

Current US citizens cannot. SMT is native token of Swarm Markets. It is payment token and looks after rewards programs too. It has a 100 year  regressive rewards distribution. Also, it is quarterly vesting starting 20% tge plus 20% each quarter stability reserves.

Summary of Timestamp 5

Liquidity providers get pool fees as well as weekly smt rewards.

Summary of Timestamp 6

DeFi cannot hit the trillion dollars mark without capital from conventional finance and institutions. with this banks hedge funds family offices they can get exposure to the cryptocurrency markets and use DeFi. Also, every financial product from wall street can be digitized and put on the blockchain with security tokens issued under swarm markets licenses and  instant listings on the swarm markets platform. Moreover, new real value-backed  assets on chain will allow for new and interesting trading pairs i.e tesla bitcoin.

In short, swarm markets is the  on-ramp for massive amounts of capital to flow in from traditional finance into crypto and traders  can get access to all of this immediately. 

Summary of Timestamp 7

smt token launched around 10 cents it's up about 3x in  about a day.  

Summary of Timestamp 8

Super-fast KYC with instant approval of transaction up to 5000. Unlimited approval after AML check. Users will be able to create their own pool and trade  assets that they want based on their own needs




Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Altcoin Daily ETHEREUM EXPLODING! TOP 5 COINS TO FOLLOW IN CRYPTOCURRENCY and much more!

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Name of Organizations / digital currencies / persons / digital platforms / applications used in the video

    • Ethereum
    • EIP-1559
    • NFT
    • DeFi
    • Opensea
    • uniswap V2
    • Tether
    • Axie infinity
    • Uniswap V3
    • USD Coin
    • CryptoPunk
    • Aave
    • Solana
    • Avalanche
    • Layer 2 Expansion (Matic)
    • Elrond
    • Elrond Network
    • Marvel
    • Spider-man
    • VeVe Marketplace
    • Wolverine
    • Batman
    • Eminem (Rapper)
    • Coinbase ventures
    • nfl player Larry Fitzgerald
    • Coinbase
    • Ami
    • Bitcoin
    • Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 2 & 3:

Ethereum has just had a major protocol upgrade (EIP-1559)

EIP-1559 is basically changing ethereum's monetary policy for the better and basically every single transaction that goes through on the base layer of ethereum on the ethereum blockchain a little bit of a Etherium is going to be burnt.

Eip1559 has already burned one million worth of ethereum and this was just in the first three hours. In fact ethereum is burning ten thousand dollars every minute after the upgrade

.10.55 Ethereum are being destroyed every 60 seconds

Summary of Timestamp 4

Had eip 1559 been live on ethereum the last year it would have seen almost 3 million ethereum burned

This is a 75 reduction of supply emission impact since around 4.2 million each a year are mined

This is happening already during a supply crunch with Ethereum

Summary of Timestamp 5

Number one core investment thesis which underpins entire cryptocurrency and nft portfolio:

The market currently misunderstands and misprices natively programmable store of value assets because it doesn't understand the future utility

There is huge opportunity in cryptocurrency right now!!

Summary of Timestamp 6

Ethereum addresses using deFi so ethereum addresses rose 65 last quarter

It means people are interacting with the DeFi protocols and the boom corresponded with an increased supply of stable coins.

Opensea, uniswap V2, Tether, Axie infinity, Uniswap V3, USD Coin can be checked on websites. 

Summary of Timestamp 7

The cheapest CryptoPunk that you can buy now is more than $100,000 in Ethereum

It is undeniable that CryptoPunks and nfts continue to boom

Average crypto punk's sale price has surged to an all-time high of $121,000.

Summary of Timestamp 8

Altcoins with huge potential that are making moves –Aave

Aave is exploring Solana and Avalanche and Layer 2 expansion like Matic. Ethereum will be compatible to these. 

Summary of Timestamp 9

Elrond big step forward !

Elrond network becomes the first carbon negative European blockchain opening a new wave of sustainable innovation so every nft every DeFi product mirror transaction on Elrond will have a positive environmental impact.

Summary of Timestamp 10

Marvel unveils the first official nfts starting with spider-man

Marvel's first official nft crypto collectible will launch on the VeVe marketplace this month

Spider-man digital sculptures will be released this weekend prices between 40 and 400 each with other marvel nfts dropping later in August.

So, they are doing everything whether it is wolverine, batman or whoever. 

Summary of Timestamp 11

Ami is a brand name in the nft crypto collectibles

Eminem, Coinbase back ethereum nft platform maker's place in a $30 million raise

Investors include rapper Eminem, Coinbase ventures,  nfl player Larry Fitzgerald and many more

Summary of Timestamp 12

Almost all of the attention in cryptos on Ethereum, DeFi, EIP 1559 and nfts. However, bitcoin is going through a supply shock.

Summary of Timestamp 13

Bitcoin user net growth seven day moving average has reached an all-time high

It has been the fastest growing in the entire history of bitcoin over a weekly average

Re-accumulation showed by Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio giving off some mid-2017 vibes although this current recovery has been much quicker so far

if bitcoin breaks 45 000 within this next month i call it 100k as very likely this year

Coinbase to enable cryptocurrency buys with linked debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay and instant cash ads up to $100,000 per transaction available 24/7.


The Next Era Of Eth Is Here (BIG Gains Ahead)

The Next Era Of Eth Is Here (BIG Gains Ahead) BitBoy Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, BitBoy talks about how The Next Era Of Ethereum Is Here (BIG Gains Ahead).

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Name of Organizations/digital currencies/persons/digital platforms/applications used in the video

  • London hardfork
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • cryptoverse
  • Ethereum
  • Vitalik Buterin
  • EMA
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ETH
  • Bitcoin
  • ARM
  • EIP-1559
  • ETH 2.0
  • the Ethash encryption algorithm
  • ASIC-resistant
  • Graphic Card
  • AMD RX 580
  • os/2 warp
  • DeFi 
  • E-bay
  • NFT
  • gwei range
  • RX 580
  • ETH Market
  • Oracles
  • Ethereum Protocol

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 1

The London hardfork is happening today on the Ethereum mainnet. The entire cryptoverse is looking to see how this affects not just the price, but the rest of the smart contract ecosystem. It's a pivotal moment in the development of Ethereum that could make or break the smart contract giant.

Summary of Timestamp 2

The video is about breakdown of the latest Ethereum news and what it could mean for the future of smart contracts on the blockchain. Ethereum has turned six years old as of July 30.

Back in 2013, the 20-year-old Vitalik Buterin wrote his Ethereum whitepaper and would later meet the team that would help found Ethereum. Many other similar projects failed. 

Summary of Timestamp 3

it's the fundamentals that are keeping the market enthusiastic about its potential. Ethereum broke the 200-day EMA on the 23rd of July and hasn't looked back. 

Summary of Timestamp 4

Programmers is going to put a full ETH node on a Raspberry Pi. Maxis have long been butthurt over Ethereum's utility over Bitcoin's store of value and tried to poke holes in its text since its inception.

The hyper nerds at Ethereum on ARM were able to fully validate a node on the most kawaii of all the computers, a Raspberry Pi.

Summary of Timestamp 5

So the next few months for Ethereum are going to be a roller coaster of changes. EIP-1559 has been shouted from the rooftops as a total game changer and it could be.

The real game changer for ETH is when it goes to proof-of-stake or ETH 2.0.

EIP-1559 is really only doing one big thing--- changing the fee market mechanism.

Ethereum is proof-of-work and gets its network consensus via the Ethash encryption algorithm and the algorithm was somewhat ASIC-resistant

Prices of graphic card are going up due to mining. For instance, the AMD RX 580 graphics card was released in 2017. By the end of 2019, you can pick them up on eBay for around $290.

But as mining became more profitable, the price of all graphic cards found support.

In January of 2021, the price of Ethereum started skyrocketing, and combined with a supply chain disruption due to a certain superbug, the price of the lowly RX 580 shot up to an eye-popping $890 in May of this year.

Reasons of Ethereum skyrocketing

  • Ethereum miners are paid out 12,800 in block rewards a day.
  • EIP-1559 was proposed.
  • EIP-1559 is going to make fees a little better for the overall ETH market, but the real upside will be speed and transparency.
  • EIP-1559 will give users more data on what they're paying for, how much they're spending, how high network congestion is and more control over slippage.
  • It will also make Ethereum less dependent on external oracles since the base fee is managed by the Ethereum protocol itself.

IMMINENT Government Crypto Takeover (WORST Law For Cryptocurrency)

IMMINENT Government Crypto Takeover (WORST Law For Cryptocurrency) BitBoy Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, BitBoy talks about an IMMINENT Government Crypto Takeover (WORST Law For Cryptocurrency).

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Name of Organizations, digital currencies, persons, digital platforms, applications used in this crypto video

  • Crypto legislation
  • China
  • El Salvador 
  • Bitcoin
  • The House
  • The Senate
  • 2,702-page bill
  • The bipartisan infrastructure bill
  • Section 80603
  • Republican Senator Rob Portman (Senator Portman)
  • BlackRock
  • Yellen
  • Gary Genster
  • DeFi
  • Ol-Fi hacks
  • Wall Street
  • SEC
  • IRS
  • 6045-C1
  • DEXs
  • Uniswap
  • BitSquad
  • Coinbase
  • 1099 Employee
  • Crytoverse
  • SolarWinds
  • Democrats
  • The Republicans
  • US
  • China
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Senator Pat Toomey
  • Senator Ron Wyden (A Democrat from Oregon
  • Senator Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming)

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 1 and 2:

The video is about awful crypto legislation inside the infrastructure bill. So, the law affect almost everyone same as how China banning mining or El Salvador accepting Bitcoin affects the markets, legislation in the world's largest economy has the potential to affect crypto for some years to come.

Basically, The bipartisan infrastructure bill is a 2,702-page bill that says it's about infrastructure, but in reality, it's just another way for the politicians to grease the palms of their big donors. The bill is passed through the House and now going to the Senate

Summary of Timestamp 3

Section 80603 is the text of the infrastructure bill related to crypto. It was "written" by Republican Senator Rob Portman, longtime member of government whose only work in the private sector was as a small business lawyer and who is also a tech-savvy.  he's taken money from BlackRock. Senator Portman has served on various financial committees that interface with the Fed all the time.

The senator He knows Yellen. Yellen and her SEC cronies like Gary Gensler really hate crypto, especially DeFi. They saw an opportunity to finally get a stranglehold on crypto just before it takes off in the mainstream.

The language of Section 80603 the language is so broad, so confusing, so onerous, it's obvious it was written by a bunch of Ol-Fi hacks who know nothing about crypto and are only out to protect their Wall Street pets and, worse, give up all your financial privacy.

Why the bill matters?

  • The amendment would require new surveillance of all crypto users. It would force software developers and creators to put in surveillance or else cease their operations in the US.
  • It will create honeypots of user information that would attract all sorts of hackers and bad actors. 
  • Anyone who has crypto would have to register as a broker or use a broker to send crypto anywhere. That goes against the very nature of crypto. It's peer-to-peer trustless transactions. It would create more legal complexity for any blockchain development.
  • Coin issuers would have to register as a broker. 
  • Miners would have to register as a broker.
  • All of them would be under the securities legislation of the SEC and the tax reporting of the IRS as a 6045-C1.
  • Names, addresses and transactions for all customers would have to be reported to the SEC and the IRS. DEXs and anything DeFi-related would all come under the jurisdiction of the SEC and IRS, with all their related reporting, fines and fees.
  • Every single customer of a DEX, of Uniswap, of Coinbase, and even every single person you send some crypto to, will be considered a 1099 employee?
  • If you mess up reporting even one of these transactions, you'll get fined, audited and possibly have all your crypto confiscated. Plus, all your personal information will be at stake. 
  • It would be all stored centrally at either the IRS, SEC or some other porous government agency.
  • The government has been the subject of so many hacks, it's hard to keep track of.

Summary of Timestamp 4

The entire cryptoverse is on blast and are mobilizing to push the language out of the infrastructure bill or at least rewrite it to focus the scope.

Everyone in crypto wants regulatory clarity. It will make adoption speed up. It will make taxation clear and it will give the US and other countries an advantage over China, Russia and Iran.

Though, there is no harm in regulatory clarity, but Crushing bureaucracy and invasions of privacy is not acceptable. 

Senators opinion

Senator Pat Toomey has come out swinging calling this amendment, "Congress should not rush forward with this hastily- designed tax reporting regime for cryptocurrency, especially without a full understanding of the consequences."

Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, said that 80603, "It's an attempt to apply brick and mortar rules to the internet and fails to understand how the technology works."

senator from Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, is laser focused on this amendment saying that digital assets need their own committee to consider these issues instead of drafting amendments in secret.

The amendment is bad because it would effectively stop all crypto innovation, mining and transaction-ing in the US just as China has dropped the ball and given the free world a chance to take the lead in crypto.

Summary of Timestamp 5

You all should call, email and whatever to reach out to your senator to make sure that the amendment is not passed, but do not be rude. 


Do YOU Tell Friends and Family That You’ve Invested In Bitcoin?

Do YOU Tell Friends and Family That You've Invested In Bitcoin? Voskcoin

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Voskcoin talks about crypto and Bitcoin. He discusses the topic of talking about crypto and bitcoin holdings related to the people in your life and who you talk to about it.

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Name of Organizations/digital currencies/persons/digital platforms/applications used in the video

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • crypto mining rig
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Non-Fungible Token
  • fannie mae
  • faddie mac
  • Stacking Sats (purchasing small amounts of bitcoin over long periods of time)
  • Blockchain Decentralize Tech
  • Crypto Wallent Apps
  • Andre Cronje (YFI CEO)
  • wallet dap or decentralized application
  • Android Token
  • Uniswap
  • Erc20 token
  • BlockFi 
  • usdc
  • Androttweiler

Why Androttweiler

  • this token is centered around buybacks
  • fair launch and contract 
  • Amazing Tokenomics (12% tax on every transaction)

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 1:

The focus of this video are the pros and cons of letting others know that you have invested into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or you participate in any of the functions surrounding them. For example like mining bitcoin you know those minor device things 

BlockFi allow you to earn up to 8.6 interest on your cryptocurrency. Profits in usdc (a stablecoin). If one deposit that in blockfi and he or she will start instantly earning 8.6 which means owner will get up to 250 dollars for free and a bitcoin credit card coming out.

Summary of Timestamp 2:

  1. Safety:

People only see the earning but there is more risk involved. At the start everyone will make fun of bitcoin holders when they invest their money on it. Basically, risk is involved in anything you do, however, when money starts coming then people will realize that you were right. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you are safe from people breaking into your house. All the money you are earning should be safe. 

Summary of Timestamp 3:

  1. Partners

This is basically the topic for girlfriends and boyfriends. No one knows there could be a gold-digger amongst you. Relationship should be free from money. So we do not know who amongst us do not want us succeed. There could be friends or partners who do not want us be better. It may be because they do not want to left behind. People may comment on you like you are lucky or something. However, it is not about it and all you have done is that you took calculated risk and gamble. 

So, do not tell your friends and family everything you do with cryptocurrency. 

Summary of Timestamp 4:

Sponsored by Androttweiler

Androttweiler is a deflationary token but it's not on the binance smart chain like most deflationary tokens it's on the ethereum network and they aim to be joining the ranks master pumps this token is available to trade on uniswap because you know it's an erc20 token and that's how decentralized exchanges work


Cardano is Crypto’s Blue Turtle Shell (BEST predictions for ADA)

Cardano is Crypto's Blue Turtle Shell (BEST predictions for ADA) BitBoy Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, BitBoy talks about Cardano and how it could very well be the blue chip turtle shell.

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Name of Organizations/digital currencies/persons/digital platforms/applications used in the video

  • Charles Hoskinson
  • Folksy
  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • Ada
  • DApps
  • Project
  • Catalyst
  • Bitpool
  • Fund 6
  • Cardano Native Tokens
  • Peter Brandt
  • Light Coin
  • Cardano
  • Cardano Community
  • Alanzo
  • Pluto’s Partner
  • Cardano 2021 Summit
  • Wyoming
  • liqwid labs
  • sundaeswap
  • Oracle Solutions

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamps 1 and 2

the cardano community is easily the most loyal and passionate in all of crypto. Narrative shall generally be like crypto versus the legacy financial system. 

Summary of Timestamp 3

the alonzo roadmap which followed a carefully planned color-coded system the white phase where it's currently at gave their pluto's partners and catalyst fund winners access to the alonzo test net. 

Summary of Timestamp 4

next stage is purple which will see a significant increase in users as the test nets opened up to the community and just to be sure it'll be divided up into two parts:

  • Light purple which will allow for simple smart contracts
  • Dark purple with the introduction of more complex smart contracts

Summary of Timestamp 5

Ada fans can now sign up for the Cardano 2021 Summit taking place next month in Wyoming. The event can also be virtual. 

Summary of Timestamp 6

Announcement of an official partnership between liqwid labs and sundaeswap. 

Liqwidity protocol for lending and borrowing on the cardano blockchain which will now integrate sundaeswap as its decks of choice once the alonzo hard fork is complete. 

Sundaeswap has also agreed to develop one of the first oracle solutions on cardano allowing liquid to easily and securely initiate lending and borrowing markets. 

Cardano called released several press releases.

Summary of Timestamp 7

cardano's held up phenomenally well during this mini bear market

Summary of Timestamp 8

Cardano has a super strong community major international adoption the majority of tokens are staked.  it's just about to launch smart contracts.