Cardano is Crypto’s Blue Turtle Shell (BEST predictions for ADA)

Cardano is Crypto's Blue Turtle Shell (BEST predictions for ADA) BitBoy Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, BitBoy talks about Cardano and how it could very well be the blue chip turtle shell.

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Name of Organizations/digital currencies/persons/digital platforms/applications used in the video

  • Charles Hoskinson
  • Folksy
  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • Ada
  • DApps
  • Project
  • Catalyst
  • Bitpool
  • Fund 6
  • Cardano Native Tokens
  • Peter Brandt
  • Light Coin
  • Cardano
  • Cardano Community
  • Alanzo
  • Pluto’s Partner
  • Cardano 2021 Summit
  • Wyoming
  • liqwid labs
  • sundaeswap
  • Oracle Solutions

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamps 1 and 2

the cardano community is easily the most loyal and passionate in all of crypto. Narrative shall generally be like crypto versus the legacy financial system. 

Summary of Timestamp 3

the alonzo roadmap which followed a carefully planned color-coded system the white phase where it's currently at gave their pluto's partners and catalyst fund winners access to the alonzo test net. 

Summary of Timestamp 4

next stage is purple which will see a significant increase in users as the test nets opened up to the community and just to be sure it'll be divided up into two parts:

  • Light purple which will allow for simple smart contracts
  • Dark purple with the introduction of more complex smart contracts

Summary of Timestamp 5

Ada fans can now sign up for the Cardano 2021 Summit taking place next month in Wyoming. The event can also be virtual. 

Summary of Timestamp 6

Announcement of an official partnership between liqwid labs and sundaeswap. 

Liqwidity protocol for lending and borrowing on the cardano blockchain which will now integrate sundaeswap as its decks of choice once the alonzo hard fork is complete. 

Sundaeswap has also agreed to develop one of the first oracle solutions on cardano allowing liquid to easily and securely initiate lending and borrowing markets. 

Cardano called released several press releases.

Summary of Timestamp 7

cardano's held up phenomenally well during this mini bear market

Summary of Timestamp 8

Cardano has a super strong community major international adoption the majority of tokens are staked.  it's just about to launch smart contracts. 


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