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How to Spot Market Manipulation in the Crypto Space | Coin Bureau

How to Spot Market Manipulation in the Crypto Space | Coin Bureau

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by Coin Bureau. In this video you learn about how to spot market manipulation in the crypto space.

How do you avoid market manipulation in crypto

  • Pump & Dump Crypto

Market participants and in some cases insiders will manipulate a cryptocurrency in order to 'pump' up the price in hopes that it gains attention. When other parties start to 'fomo' into the crypto the bad actors will 'dump' the coin and make their profits. This will result in the price going back down and the new parties who fomo'd into the cryptocurrency will lose value.

  • Order Book Spoofing Crypto

Order book spoofing is like an illusion. Market participants will create large buy or sell orders without any intent to actually execute the orders. This gives the impression that there is increased demand or selling pressure. Other market participants who see these orders may act upon it and get fooled into decreasing or increasing their position. This is exactly what the spoofer wants to happen. When this happens they will do the opposite and take advantage of the price movement.

  • Wash Trading Crypto

Wash trading is simply the buying and selling of the same asset over and over again to inflate the volume of trades in the digital asset. This makes it look like the digital asset is getting more traction and attention than it really is. This is a way that some projects or market participants will conduct marketing to gain exposure of a specific digital asset.

  • Stop Loss Hunting Crypto

Stop loss hunting in the crypto space is when market participants drive the price down through selling pressure in order to hit certain price points to trigger stop losses. The goal of the market participants who do this is to fill their bags at lower prices.

  • Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt Crypto

Creating a narrative and spreading fake news is a tactic used in both the cryptocurrency space and in traditional markets. Spreading stories that are not true can still get a lot of attention and make it hard to find the real underlying story of a digital asset. Many people will take fake news as if it were real and act upon it by selling their positions.

Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation Awareness

Make sure that you are aware of all these cryptocurrency market manipulation tactics and that you do your own research when purchasing a new digital asset or when learning about news related to the market as a whole or related to your individual holdings.

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