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Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Chico Crypto

Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Chico Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Chico Crypto talks about - Ethereum Has BAD NEWS!? SEC to Classify As Security? Check out the video above or read the summary below to find out.

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Name of Organizations/companies/persons used in this crypto video

  • RatioGang
  • Bitcoin
  • EIP 1559
  • Eric Conner
  • BTC Maxi
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • SEC
  • CSO
  • Blockstream
  • Gary Gensler
  • Samson Mow
  • Jay Clayton
  • BitsBeTrippen
  • GAS Fees
  • CovidPunks
  • Takenstheorem
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Sage
  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • John Wolpert
  • ETHAtlanta Hackathon & Keynotes
  • Atlanta Tech Park
  • Baseline Protocol, 
  • Baseledger
  • the Provide stack
  • Microsoft
  • Splunk
  • EY
  • ConsenSys
  • Coke One North America (CONA)
  • ServiceNow
  • Andromeda
  • Howey Test
  • BTC Maxipads
  • CovidPunks
  • EIP Upgrade
  • MEV bots
  • Baseline Protocol
  • Ethereum mainnet!
  • Coke One
  • Unibright
  • UBT

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Summary of the whole video

Ethereum London has activated & the burn upgrade deployed into the main Ethereum chain without a hitch. Ethereum is getting destroyed, thrown into the actual Ether to never return!

Initially the news was that Ethereum would dump when the upgrade happened! Well that wasn’t the case, Ethereum actually pumped, and crossed 2800, setting its sights on the fabled $3000 dollar level once again. 21.7 increase in past 7 days. 

It is way better when compared with Bitcoin (BTC) which has loss of 1.5 percent. As per RatioGang...Ethereum is still undervalued compared to Bitcoin and it has more activities as compared to dull Bitcoin. 

Eric Conner, the actual co-author of the burn upgrade, EIP 1559 tweeted. “The Bitcoin community has gotten so pathetic that they actively beg regulators to classify ETH as a security. This has been going on for years. He shows BTC Maxi’s calling for the SEC. Chairman, Gary Gensler, to classify ETH as a security and Even Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream tweeted “Tell me your a security without telling me your a security”. 

Although the SEC in 2018 said that Ethereum is now decentralized enough, and thus isn’t a security! And Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton in 2019...reiterated it!




Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Altcoin Daily ETHEREUM EXPLODING! TOP 5 COINS TO FOLLOW IN CRYPTOCURRENCY and much more!

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Name of Organizations / digital currencies / persons / digital platforms / applications used in the video

    • Ethereum
    • EIP-1559
    • NFT
    • DeFi
    • Opensea
    • uniswap V2
    • Tether
    • Axie infinity
    • Uniswap V3
    • USD Coin
    • CryptoPunk
    • Aave
    • Solana
    • Avalanche
    • Layer 2 Expansion (Matic)
    • Elrond
    • Elrond Network
    • Marvel
    • Spider-man
    • VeVe Marketplace
    • Wolverine
    • Batman
    • Eminem (Rapper)
    • Coinbase ventures
    • nfl player Larry Fitzgerald
    • Coinbase
    • Ami
    • Bitcoin
    • Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 2 & 3:

Ethereum has just had a major protocol upgrade (EIP-1559)

EIP-1559 is basically changing ethereum's monetary policy for the better and basically every single transaction that goes through on the base layer of ethereum on the ethereum blockchain a little bit of a Etherium is going to be burnt.

Eip1559 has already burned one million worth of ethereum and this was just in the first three hours. In fact ethereum is burning ten thousand dollars every minute after the upgrade

.10.55 Ethereum are being destroyed every 60 seconds

Summary of Timestamp 4

Had eip 1559 been live on ethereum the last year it would have seen almost 3 million ethereum burned

This is a 75 reduction of supply emission impact since around 4.2 million each a year are mined

This is happening already during a supply crunch with Ethereum

Summary of Timestamp 5

Number one core investment thesis which underpins entire cryptocurrency and nft portfolio:

The market currently misunderstands and misprices natively programmable store of value assets because it doesn't understand the future utility

There is huge opportunity in cryptocurrency right now!!

Summary of Timestamp 6

Ethereum addresses using deFi so ethereum addresses rose 65 last quarter

It means people are interacting with the DeFi protocols and the boom corresponded with an increased supply of stable coins.

Opensea, uniswap V2, Tether, Axie infinity, Uniswap V3, USD Coin can be checked on websites. 

Summary of Timestamp 7

The cheapest CryptoPunk that you can buy now is more than $100,000 in Ethereum

It is undeniable that CryptoPunks and nfts continue to boom

Average crypto punk's sale price has surged to an all-time high of $121,000.

Summary of Timestamp 8

Altcoins with huge potential that are making moves –Aave

Aave is exploring Solana and Avalanche and Layer 2 expansion like Matic. Ethereum will be compatible to these. 

Summary of Timestamp 9

Elrond big step forward !

Elrond network becomes the first carbon negative European blockchain opening a new wave of sustainable innovation so every nft every DeFi product mirror transaction on Elrond will have a positive environmental impact.

Summary of Timestamp 10

Marvel unveils the first official nfts starting with spider-man

Marvel's first official nft crypto collectible will launch on the VeVe marketplace this month

Spider-man digital sculptures will be released this weekend prices between 40 and 400 each with other marvel nfts dropping later in August.

So, they are doing everything whether it is wolverine, batman or whoever. 

Summary of Timestamp 11

Ami is a brand name in the nft crypto collectibles

Eminem, Coinbase back ethereum nft platform maker's place in a $30 million raise

Investors include rapper Eminem, Coinbase ventures,  nfl player Larry Fitzgerald and many more

Summary of Timestamp 12

Almost all of the attention in cryptos on Ethereum, DeFi, EIP 1559 and nfts. However, bitcoin is going through a supply shock.

Summary of Timestamp 13

Bitcoin user net growth seven day moving average has reached an all-time high

It has been the fastest growing in the entire history of bitcoin over a weekly average

Re-accumulation showed by Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio giving off some mid-2017 vibes although this current recovery has been much quicker so far

if bitcoin breaks 45 000 within this next month i call it 100k as very likely this year

Coinbase to enable cryptocurrency buys with linked debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay and instant cash ads up to $100,000 per transaction available 24/7.


AMAZON TO INTEGRATE CRYPTO?! EllioTrades Crypto About to Integrate Crypto!? EllioTrades Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, EllioTrades Crypto talks about Amazon and how they are searching for crypto experts to implement crypto tech into the AWS platform. This could be one of the most bullish use cases we have seen in crypto to date. There's also several experts predicting a short squeeze to $40k. Does this mean the bulls may be back? For now I'm still on wait and see!

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Video Summary

Name of organizations/companies mentioned in the blockchain news video:

  • Amazon
  • Edge wealth management - Grey scale Bitcoin trust buy

Digital assets mentioned in the crypto video

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Polkaswap PSWAP
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Polkadot DOT
  • Karura KAR
  • Kusama KSM

Various blockchain and crypto services mentioned in the video:

  • AWS - Amazon web services (about to do something significant)
  • InsurAce - crypto related insurance company
  • Bridge Mutual - low cap insurance project
  • Nexus Mutual - no coverage available (annoying)
  • Astro Frens NFT art - Tokyo 2021

Other important terms mentioned in this cryptocurrency video:

  • Paypal
  • Facebook coin
  • FOMO
  • Bullish because Elon Musk and the B Word conference
  • DYOR
  • Short squeeze to send BTC up to 40k - Willy Woo
  • 31k hold could be a bottom signal for BTC
  • Filmed on GoPro
  • Leverage ratio

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

2:30 Being bearish SUCKS
3:30 Institutions buying the dip
3:49 BTC Short Squeeze
5:00 ETH Higher Low is BULLISH
6:00 Olympics NFT Giveaway
8:50 Final thoughts


Velo Token VLO | Could this velocity coin be the Next BIG DEFI TOKEN?

Velo Token [$VLO] | Value of Velocity Digital Asset

The first Austrian economic experiment in DeFi based on real economic value. An anonymous team of crypto users that goes by the alias of 'Super Mises' (similar to that of Satoshi Nakomoto) has released a yield farming platform the uses the latest in DeFi trends. Taking a page from both Yam and Ampleforth is a platform that enables yield farming reward incentives and the rebasing of cryptocurrencies. VELO token (VLO) is an experiment in the 'value of velocity'.

**Please be aware that there are now 2 tokens that go by 'VELO' token. If you intend on using one or the other please be aware of this so that you don't use a wrong address or use the wrong one for your specific purpose.

  • 1. VELO Token (VLO) - This is the value of velocity, yield farming, governance token. This is the one this article is about.
  • 2. Velo (VELO) - This is a financial protocol for businesses. It enables digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfer through smart contracts.

Velo Token VLO

VELO Token ($VLO)

The newly launched VELO token ($VLO) will serve as a financial experimentation tool as well as the governance token for the Velotoken DAO.

The VELO token can be farmed on starting November 4th, 2020 until December 2nd, 2020. The VELO token is capped at a supply of 100M. Once the farming period has ended, no more $VLO tokens will be minted/released.

100% of the 100M tokens are allocated to yield farming participation, allowing for a fair token distribution.

The VELO token will be the first currency in history that rebases its supply not based on
price but based on its own velocity. Once all tokens are farmed, the total supply of VELO
token will only increase or decrease in inverse relation to its own velocity, but will never be
more than 100M in circulation.

The outcome of this experiment cannot be predicted. The experiment is in the hands of
the token holders and the community. It is up to the community members to play an active part in finding use cases and defining the future of VLO token.

The VELO token protocol uses the governance protocol from Compound, the incentive
mechanism from Yam and the rebasing functionalities from Ampleforth. A unique set of
trusted contracts with a completely new spin.
Fair Farming and Elasticity
Multiple economic theories are put to the test in decentralized finance.
Rebasing stable currencies have the potential to bring price stability to unstable digital assets in Defi.
At the core of the VeloToken project lies the core of economic value, the more a currency is used, the more value it produces.
Velocity in the “real economy” is measured by combining historical data and speculations about the future. A measurement that has not been able to occur in real-time until now.In decentralized finance, one can simply observe the amount of on-chain transactions of any cryptocurrency and calculate the velocity in real-time. With this, smart contracts can be used to calculate velocity to make changes in the currency's supply.

Velotoken is the first protocol that synthesizes velocity into a cryptocurrency.
Velotoken is the first currency that has a direct relationship with its own velocity.

VELO token specifications

Target Blockchain: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Asset Class: Synthetic Asset
Symbol: $VLO
Token Value: None, $VLO has no value on issuance
Governance: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Source of Yield: Utility, Speculation and Transactions Fees
Supply Type: Fixed with elastic and invers allocation
Supply Quantity: 100’000’000’ $VLO
Distribution Type: Fair Farming and Distribution via Staking Pools
Distribution Price: 1ct
Distribution Duration: 4 Weeks

Who is Ludwig von Mises (Super Mises)

Who is Von Mises aka Super Mises

Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises "was an Austrian School economisthistorian, logician and sociologist. Mises wrote and lectured extensively on the societal contributions of classical liberalism. He is best known for his work on praxeology, a study of human choice and action." - Wikipedia

How to stake on | begin yield farming VELO Tokens

Step 1.

Make sure you have the tokens for the pool you are providing liquidity for in one of the accepted wallets. You can connect to using MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Choose wallet velo token step 1 intrsuctions

Step 2.

Choose the pool you would like to particiapate in. You will need to be holding the tokens or uniswap pair that you will be staking in the wallet. Hit the 'Unlock' button.

Step 3.

Approve the transaction. There will be a small transaction gas fee here to allow this to happen.

Velo token yield farming

Step 4.

Click Stake and choose the amount you would like to stake.

Step 5.

Great now you will be collecting rewards for providing liquidity. You can see the amount of rewards pending harvest. At any point you can choose to harvest them and transfer them into your wallet. When you Unstake this will be done automatically. *Tip don't harvest to often or you will keep paying gas fees. Wait until you have a reasonable amount of $vlo tokens before you harvest.

Rewards vlo token harvest

Step 6.

You can unstake at any point. There is no lock up period for holding and selling velo's vlo tokens. To unstake you can click the unstake button and follw the steps on screen.


Will Cardano Overtake Ethereum in 2021?

Will Cardano Overtake Ethereum in 2021?

Everyone in the crypto world has questions and expectations about the future of Ethereum as Ethereum 2.0’s release keeps getting closer. Will this upgrade be able to address the Ethereum scaling problem along with performance issues? Will the gas prices model be changed? Will the change to proof-of-stake increase the throughput to the level required by the current boom?

While I wonder about all of this in order to decide how to manage my ETH portfolio, crypto projects might have more at stake than I do. Some of them are not waiting for Ethereum’s latest upgrade. Today, I will be updating you with the latest news on Cardano as well as telling you why you should have ADA in your portfolio as it will be overtaking Ethereum next year. We’ll pit ADA vs Ethereum and tell you exactly how Cardano will benefit from an ETH 2.0 stall.


ETHEREUM 2.0 in October 2020 | Chico Crypto

ETHEREUM 2.0 in October 2020 | Chico Crypto

GET READY! Ethereum 2.0 could be launching in the next few weeks! This means STAKING is coming to Ethereum sooner than people realize! Do you have your 32 ETH for staking!? Will the launch of ETH 2.0 be enough to keep the crypto markets bullish? Or will smart contracts need scaling too & soon!? Tune in to find out…


How to use Honeyswap to Provide Liquidity | HNY xDai Pool Rewards

How to use Honeyswap to Provide Liquidity | HNY xDai Pool Rewards

Welcome to this crypto video and quick blog post about 1Hive's Honeyswap decentralized exchange. With Ethereum network getting clogged and having transaction fees in the $5 to $20 range, many people and dapplications are looking for alternatives.

Honeyswap 1Hive Uniswap fork

One such alternative is the xDai chain which can be used with 1Hive's Honeyswap. The xDai chain is appealing because it is still using the Ethereum blockchain as a sidechain/sister chain. Opposed to a blockchain such as Tron which is a separate crypto blockchain all together.

Transacting and swapping on the xDai chain is a considerable amount cheaper and faster then the Main Ethereum network.

We will start at the stage as if you already have a metamask wallet and some Ethereum in it.

Steps to use xDai chain, xDai bridge, and 1Hives Honeyswap platform

Step 1:

Connect your wallet to the Ethereum sidechain/sisterchain - the xDai Network

  1. Click the circle on Metamak
  2. Click add Network
  3. Add these 4 details in the respective boxes:

If you do not do this then you may see this error "Wrong Network" when trying to use Honeyswap. If you get this and you are looking at how to fix the error then you simply need to connect to the xDai network using the steps above.

Honeyswap Wrong Network error how to fix

Step 2:

Buy Dai on Ethereum chain and convert to xDai on xDai chain

  • Buy Dai on Uniswap
  • Switch back to the Eth Network in your Metamask wallet
  • Convert Ethereum to Dai using Uniswap or another exchange.
  • Transfer your Dai on the Ethereum Network to xDai on the xDai Network. You need to use a bridge to do this. You can use this bridge here:

Make sure you are using the Ethereum network in Metamask to send. Like wise if you were trying to send xDai back into Dai you would be using the xDai network to send back. Be a bit patient here as it takes a few minutes for your xDai to appear in your wallet.

If you have xDai shown on the left (as per the screen below) then you are using the xDai network in Metamask and need to switch back.

Transfer from Eth main net to xdai chainPOA xdai bridge

Step 3:

Add liquidity to a pool (we will add to the xDai / HNY pool)

There are many pairs that you can add to. You can see them and their details here

  1. Switch to xDai Network in your Metamask wallet
  2. Buy Honey (HNY) on honeyswap. The pool is about 50/50 xDai and HNY so consider this before choosing how much to swap. (be sure to leave atleast 1 xDai in your wallet as it is used for gas fees similar to how Eth is used for gas fees on Ethereum.
  3. Add to the HNY xDai pair
    • Click on pool > Add Liquidity

Add liquidity to pool on honeyswap

    • Choose both xDai and HNY as a pair

Add liquidity to hny xdai pool on honeyswap

    • Confirm and pay for the transactions. Be sure to also click 'Supply' after the swap is 'Approved' to put your pair in the pool to provide liquidity. After you should see something like this showing you your pool allocations.

proof you provided liquidity on honeyswap

Great! now you are providing liquidity to the HNY xDai pair on 1Hives Honeyswap. You may be wondering what you get for doing this? For example on Uniswap you get UNI tokens for staking your digital assets. Likewise on Honeyswap you get rewarded for providing liquidity.

How do you get and claim your rewards? How do you know what token the rewards are being paid out in and at what weekly rate or APY? Where are the rewards displayed on the Honeyswap site?


Evergreen Blockchain Developer Webinar Succeed at Blockchain Programming

Evergreen Blockchain Developer Webinar: Here’s All You Need to Know to Succeed at Blockchain Programming

There’s new tech on the block. Well, relatively new. Blockchain is an emerging technology that is quickly changing the innovative landscape. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably come across the term here and there. Although two researchers (Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta) identified the technology in 1991, it saw its first real-world application with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. It has since been used to develop other cryptocurrencies. 

Watch the Blockchain Developer Webinar Now

So, what exactly is blockchain technology?

Simply put, blockchain is a computer file for storing data. It is basically a chain of blocks of data. Digital data (the block) is stored in a public database (the chain). In more advanced technobabble, a blockchain is an open and distributed ledger or database. This means that the data that a blockchain contains is replicated across several computers and is thus decentralized. 

Blockchain has the advantage of being traceable, immutable, and transparent – elements that are becoming more and more important as technology advances. Yet, it offers unmatched privacy and security because it is decentralized. This technology is currently sought after and found to be applicable for improved accountability in so many different spheres of life, including commerce, energy, and even politics. 

Blockchain tech is for you, and so are these blockchain programmer courses! 

Over the past few years, tech experts have shifted their sights to blockchain for the depth of benefits attainable through the clean and secure data that it provides. Companies that plan to lead in the future are already integrating it to revolutionize their systems. The world is fast appreciating the enormous, extensive, and practically endless potential of blockchain technology. In the years to come, we will see massive mainstream adoption of this innovative move in various sectors. 

This free webinar by an industry expert will give you insights into the trending blockchain technologies, reveal best practices, and keep you up-to-date on recent developments. When you gain an understanding of how blockchain works, you can smoothly go into full blockchain developer courses. These courses give you more practical knowledge on distributed ledger technology, tokenization, cryptocurrencies, and so much more.

People with the know-how to build blockchain solutions that can better the services and systems that people depend on daily are becoming more and more highly sought after. And the demand for blockchain development expertise will only rise in the years to come.

Bottom line

Blockchain technology is for everyone, from individuals to businesses. And it is the future of the internet. It is already quite evident how it has impacted the financial sector through cryptocurrencies. Several more decentralized applications are bound to follow. The least you can do to stay relevant in the times we’re in is to learn the basics of blockchain programming. Whatever your interest level, simplified blockchain programmer courses like the ones we offer are just what you need. 

Bonus point!

Sign up as an affiliate of the Ivan On Tech Academy and get your leads into this blockchain developer course webinar and get a commission for those that convert. The juicy part? This webinar runs every ten minutes, and so you can amass a whole lot of conversions! Lead commissions apply to our other webinars and courses as well. What are you waiting for?

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What is Uniswap and how does it work

Uniswap is a protocol for fully decentralized automated liquidity on Ethereum

Uniswap is a simple formalized equation that enables unstoppable liquidity for thousands of users and hundreds of applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Uniswap allows developers, liquidity providers, and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to everyone.

Uniswap Mission

Uniswap is a transparent, censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for Ethereum. erc-20 tokens

Uniswap lowers barriers of entry to financial participation and removes central points of failure.

It enables anyone to create new markets, provide liquidity, and build financial applications that could not have existed before.


Best Way To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency | Uniswap, Metamask, Kyber Network

Best Way To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency | Uniswap, Metamask, Kyber Network

Central exchanges are becoming a thing of the past. The crypto community has begun using decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Decentralized exchanges have evolved to become more user friendly, less restrictive, and more secure.

With centralized exchanges, there is always the risk that your account will be frozen, or your private keys will be stolen. With Uniswap you are able to trade right from your hardware wallet or browser extension such as Metamask.

If you are using a centralized exchange it may be because you are not educated enough in crypto to understand the difference between a centralized and decentralized exchange. It is important in the crypto industry to stay on top of new technology and where the industry is heading.


TESLA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Ties

TESLA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Ties | Chico Crypto

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video posted by Chico Crypto. In this video Tyler talks about Tesla (founded by Elon Musk) and the news surrounding blockchain and crypto project ties.

CargoSmart, SIPG, and Tesla

The blockchain-based logistics company CargoSmart along with SIPG and COSCO, have been working with Tesla to trial a blockchain application that shortens the cargo release time of completed vehicles and releases them to owners faster than before.

Tesla blockchain shipping logistics trial

Which blockchain is being used

  • Looking at a partner in the global shipping alliance. We can see that CargoSmart is a software company funded by Orient Oversease Container Line (OOCL). This company is creating the blockchain software that Tesla is and will be using for shipping and end-user delivery logistics. It is important to note that OOCL is not just a new blockchain software startup with no proven history. It is an extension of one of the most powerful shipping line companies in the world.
  • CargoSmart recently completed a PoC with eTradeConnect where they demonstrated value in cross-network collaboration in trade finance.
  • Collaboration between banks, shippers, terminal operators, and ocean carriers make up a new consortium called the Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN).

Who is leading the build of the Tesla blockchain - eTradeConnect

  • eTradeConnect is part of Hong Kong InterBank Clearing Limited (which is part of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority).
  • A single purpose company to provide trade and trade finance to local and overseas participants using distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Tech being used for the Tesla blockchain solution - OneConnect

  • Ping An, part of Ping An Bank, which runs OneConnect - a blockchain service. OneConnect has filed for over 3000 blockchain patents.
  • OneConnect is the blockchain looking to be used with Tesla factory in China
  • FiMAX by OneConnect looks to be the architecture that will be used. FiMAX BNaas and FiMAX S3C to be precise which was made originally by the founder of Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Baseline, UniBright, Chainlink, and ShipChain may also be part of the Tesla blockchain solution with Ethereum as a component that ties all these together.

Tesla blockchain news

Tesla and Elon Musk are getting their feet wet in the blockchain space. It seems as if Tesla is testing a blockchain solution at one of the Gigafactories in Asia. The breadcrumbs reveal a number of crypto projects that could have ties to the Tesla blockchain components and supply chain. Watch the video above to learn more about Tesla and possible crypto partners.

Check out Elon Musk talk a bit about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and view our wishlist for blockchain features we would like to see available with the release of the CyberTruck - View here.


Chainlink Swift Oracle, Coinbase, USDC, and Ethereum | Chico Crypto

Chainlink Swift Oracle, Coinbase, USDC, and Ethereum | Chico Crypto

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by Chico Crypto. In this video Tyler talks about the upcoming digital US dollar and what the breadcrumbs are spelling out to us.

Ethereum, Chainlink, Coinbase, Swift oracle, the US Government and US Citizens. This is the line up of speculated components that will create and circulate a US digital dollar using blockchain technology.

Ethereum - is an enterprise blockchain platform. The Ethereum world computer allows for secure and distributed smart contracts to be executed.

Chainlink - is an oracle service that helps to connect data in the real world with blockchains such as Ethereum. Chainlink acts as a bridge to help make data more secure and accessible using distributed ledger technology.

Swift - is a payment messaging platform. Swift has been around since 1973 where it was founded in Brussels, Germany. Swift payments are what has to date been what takes money transfers 3-5 days to process. The old programming used by Swift is slow and outdated. Swift is in the process of updating its system to be interoperable with blockchains. By using blockchains transactions can be done in real-time for a fraction of the cost.

What does this mean for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first widely used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is used as a store of value. It is the longest-running mainstream blockchain with over a decade of successful operations. A digital US dollar will introduce many people to the capabilities of blockchain technology and will help to validify the use of cryptocurrencies.

This could be good for Bitcoin.


Will The Coronavirus Delay Ethereum 2.0?

Will The Coronavirus Delay Ethereum 2.0? | Dapp University

Welcome to this cryptocurrency and blockchain video posted by Dapp University. In this video Gregory talks about the current financial crisis amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and if they will cause a delay Ethereum 2.0?


Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Features

Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Features

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto video by HyperClips. In this video, you will hear Elon Musk talk a bit about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tesla CyberTruck, Model S, 3, X, Roadster Operating System

Blockchain interoperability will play an important role in the coming years. Companies that recognize this will have a leg up on their competitors. Elon Musk is well aware of the capabilities and uses that blockchain offers.

The blockchain niche relates to a more tech-savvy aging population that takes individual rights and freedoms more seriously. People use blockchains for exchanging goods and services, payments, store of value, programming and smart contract execution machine.

With blockchain technology, you are able to verify the authenticity of something such as an identity of a person, place, thing, or digital representation of something.

Blockchain connectivity is an important functionality for web browsers and device operating systems to have. Blockchains such as Ethereum allow for code to be created that controls digital value, runs exactly as it is programmed, and can be used 24/7 anywhere in the world. This is a very powerful platform that has 1000's of developers working various projects.

One can speculate that Tesla's operating system will be packed full of various features that are in some way or another connected to blockchains.

Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain Cryptocurrency

CyberTruck Blockchain Features

wish list

  • Hardware wallet software integration (example Ledger Live)
  • Authenticity reference number (proves your vehicle is genuine/paired to a non fungible token)
  • Dapps (through the tablet and mobile interface)
  • Location/Tracking (private, secure, access through private key login)
  • Purchase and Sale of the vehicle (peer 2 peer Tesla market place/paired to a non fungible token)
  • Data storage (Storj/IPFS integrations)
  • Rewards for activity, recharges, community involvement, etc (TSLA will have their own digital currency)
  • Performance feedback (distributed metrics)

Unanswered Questions about Tesla and Blockchain

Will Tesla make their own cryptocurrency? Will Tesla use an existing cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin? What blockchain functionality does Tesla have? Will Tesla use oracles and Chainlink? Will Tesla use Kyber Network?

Tesla Gigafactory and Blockchain Logistics Partners

Check out recent news uncovered by Chico Crypto related to Tesla and the blockchain tech they look to be pilot testing.


EU Banks Collapsing! Bitcoin, Defi, Ethereum Undervalued?

EU Banks Collapsing! Bitcoin, Defi, Ethereum Undervalued? | Ivan on Tech

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto news video by Ivan Liljeqvist. In this video you will learn about banks in the EU on the brink of collapsing. Bitcoin Ethereum and Defi projects could be heavily undervalued assets.


Top 5 Altcoins List | 2020 Buying Opportunity

Top 5 Altcoins List | 2020 Buying Opportunity

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by BitBoy Crypto. In this video, you will learn about his picks for the top 5 altcoins from March 2020.

  1. Ethereum
  2. Chainlink
  3. Matic Network
  4. Kyber Network
  5. Chiliz

Honorable mention - WazirX


Ethereum Blockchain News & Development | 2020 Update

Ethereum Blockchain News & Development | 2020 Update | Nuggets News

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video news update posted by Nuggets News. In this video you will learn about Ethereum news and updates here in 2020.

Watch the crypto video above to learn about exciting projects being developed for the Ethereum ecosystem. This crypto video series gives you technical & fundamental information regarding the Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereum 2.0, decentralized finance (defi), staking, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.


Build DApps On Ethereum | Truffle and AWS Cloud9

Build DApps On Ethereum | Truffle and AWS Cloud9

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video posted by Amazon Web Services. In this video you learn how you can build dapps using smart contracts on the Ethereumblockchain using Truffle and AWS Cloud9.

How to build a Decentralized Application (dApp) with Truffle on AWS.

  • Learn how to write an Ethereum smart contract,
  • Configure a project using the Truffle Framework
  • Create a local instance with Ganache
  • Learn how to use Drizzle

What is Katalyst by Kyber Network | Protocol Upgrade & New Token Model

What is Katalyst by Kyber Network | Protocol Upgrade & New Token Model

Welcome to this crypto and blockchain video posted by DeFi Dude. In this video you learn about Kyber Network and the Katalyst protocol upgrade and new token model being released in 2020.

Kyber Network

Many people have been showing an increased interest in the blockchain project known as Kyber Network. Here we will be doing a brief overview of the Katalyst protocol upgrade to the Kyber Network.

If you don't already know what the Kyber Network is we have shared a few video reviews of Kyber Network which do a really good job at explaining the platform. In summary the Kyber Network is a liquidity protocol designed to have a lot of assets on standby ready to be used in conjunction with a decentralized application or decentralized exchange.


Katalyst Protocol Upgrade for Kyber Network

Katalyst is changing many things to do with how the Kyber Network works. In the new system 'reserve managers' are going to be paying no fee and instead they will be receiving rebates. These rebates will be a percent of the network fee that's going to be sent directly to those who are providing liquidity. This in-turn incentives liquidity. The previous/current model did not incentivize liquidity because the reserve managers actually paid to provide the liquidity. Which greatly cut into profits for the participants of the network.

Why is more liquidity good?

You want to provide more liquidity because more liquidity means less slippage, more competitiveness, bringing more users, which creates a better ecosystem, that generates more fees generated from higher transaction volume.

Katalyst Upgrade KNC

Dapp integrations and new fee model

In the previous/current model 30% of fees are given to the decentralized application integrators. Once the Katalyst upgrade has been implemented into Kyber Network the new protocol will allow for dapp integrators to set their own fees. The fee percentage will no longer be set in stone in the smart contract and will be a variable that the dapp integrators can play with on top of the base rate.

How do KNC holders benefit from Katalyst upgrade

KNC holders are going to benefit from this upgrade because they are the one's who will be doing the voting in the KyberDAO. Katalyst revolves around the KyberDAO a decentralized autonomous organization in which a group of governors can vote on various things to do with the network and protocol.

KNC holders stake their KNC tokens in the KyberDAO and get a voting weight based on their staked holdings. The weight is how much power or say you have on whatever you are voting for. An example is if you have 20 KNC and the total supply was say 200, you have 10% weight and you are voting for 10% of the entire network. You can vote on things such as fee governance.

Katalyst rewards - Burn vs Inflation

Through Kyber Network transactions the fees are dispersed back to the KNC holders as per the weightings of staked tokens and at the same time a percentage of tokens are burned from the total supply. Because the tokens are burned there are less in circulation which makes the remainder of the tokens more valuable.

Katalyst Flow

Other staking platforms do not burn tokens but release more tokens into the supply which creates inflation. This is still a reward and you are receiving more tokens, but inflation makes the circulating supply increase which intern decreases the value of the existing tokens.

With Kyber Network there is no inflation, the network is sustained just on the network fees generated. It is actually a deflationary supply. With the Katalyst upgrade KNC holders will have voting rights on the percentage of tokens that get burned and the percentage of fees. The Katalyst upgrade gives KNC holders more say on the governance of the Kyber Network.

What do you think about Kyber Network? Share this project and this page and view more about Kyber Network from the links below.


What is Kyber Network Crystals | KNC Explained

What is Kyber Network Crystals | KNC Explained

Welcome to this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education video posted by Kyber Network. In this video you learn about Kyber Network Crystals and the KNC token native to the platform.

Kyber Network Crystals - KNC Explained

Kyber Network Crystals (KNC) - referred commonly as 'Kyber Netwrok' is a distributed decentralized protocol that offers liquidity on the Ethereum blockchain and soon to be inter operable between various blockchains with the Waterloo Bridge update. The Kyber Network facilitates multi-step complex transactions as if they were one seamless flow being executed as a single transaction.

A growing crypto ecosystem

The number of cryptocurrencies has been growing year over year at a rate of almost 2x per year. in 2009 there was just Bitcoin, by 2016 there was over 500, in 2017 over 1000, in 2018 over 2000, and by 2020 there are around 4000+ cryptocurrencies.

The growth and number of cryptocurrencies is both a good thing and bad thing. The increase in cryptocurrencies can be taken as a sign that the crypto space is growing and that there are many great use cases that many different projects are tackling. The bad thing is that this creates a fragmented ecosystem where each cryptocurrency has its own agenda and each token usability is often limited to its own specific application.

A bridge between tokens and applications

What Kyber Network is doing is to act as a bridge between tokens and applications. The goal is to allow all tokens to be used in any application. This helps to create a very open transfer of value system where people can transact with each other using a digital asset that they prefer to use.

Integrations with Kyber Network are on the rise

Kyber Network already has over 100 decentralized app integrations. The amount of integrated use cases that are being made possible with Kyber Network are increasing every day.

One of the most active space that Kyber Network is being integrated with is the defi space. Through the use of Kyber Network integrations you are able to manage a diverse portfolio of assets and contribute to it using a wide range of digital assets. The way you manage your portfolio is up to you and you can have it do things such as auto balance your portfolio according to exact ratio holdings.

An example is that you could be running a website that has 100 different blockchain affiliate programs connected to it. You will be receiving affiliate commissions in all these different digital assets. What you can do with Kyber Network is automatic funnel all these digital assets into your portfolio and have them exchanged into the specific digital assets you want to hold in the percentage allocations you want the portfolio to remain at.

The example above and any other integrations are done on-chain which helps to keep things secure, transparent, and verifiable. This is the future of our financial system. A more open and interoperable system that removes friction from token use cases.

Kyber Network removes friction by doing these 3 things.

  1. Simple and straightforward integration with all tokens and applications
  2. Low transaction risk and uncertainty on all transactions
  3. A transparent and secure process

Coming soon to the Kyber Network

  • Waterloo Bridge - cross chain exchange of tokens.
  • Katalyst - Increased liquidity.

Kyber Katalyst