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7 High Commission DeFi Affiliate Programs You Should Sign Up For

7 High Commission DeFi Affiliate Programs You Should Sign Up For

For a while now, access to passive income has defined those who can achieve their dreams and those who cannot. On the one hand, some still think putting in hard work will earn them that dream vacation to the Caribbean, the other group are smartly selling their time to make sure they get on the next plane there.

Over the past decade, the latter school of thought has produced too many success stories to count, with smart investments producing millionaires without number – a great percentage of which have come from the advent of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

As cryptocurrencies gain value with each passing day, all it takes to be successful is to attach yourself to a working model for DeFi passive income to rake in some cash while you sleep.

Here are the seven hottest DeFi affiliate programs you can check out today.

CoinLedger - Crypto tax affiliate program

  • 25% commission will be paid over each report purchased by the referred customer.
  • Payments may be requested once the affiliate account owner has earned $30 or more.
  • Visit CoinLedger here

UnitedPress.Media - Web 3 coverage affiliate program

  • UPM agency offers high paying commissions for clients that you can refer to them in the crypto, web 3, defi, and NFT space.
  • Base commission starts at 25% of individual or bulk orders with recurring commissions
  • With some orders from clients in the defi space totalling over $100,000 and profit being roughly 10-20% of that - commissions for affiliates can reach 4 digits for even medium size orders.
  • Visit UnitedPress.Media here

ByBit - Defi exchange affiliate program

  • ByBit has soared in popularity over the past few years, with the ByBit’s DeFi affiliate program social media marketing campaign turning up as a huge success among derivative cryptocurrency exchanges. The welcome bonus makes joining an easy choice, while the pyramid-strategy for its DeFi referral program has made moneymaking even easier for ByBit affiliates.
  • ByBit affiliates make referral earnings not only from people they refer directly but also generations of people referred by their referrals. Affiliates at the third level get 10% off trading fees, and extremely successful affiliates that bring in high-volume traders get commissions that could reach 35%.
  • Visit ByBit here

Ledger - Defi hardware wallet

  • One DeFi affiliate program that places your future in your hands is Ledger. As the premier DeFi affiliate program right now, Ledger affiliates enjoy conversion rates exceeding 50%, which is directly beneficial since they get a dollar commission for every 10 dollars sold. 
  • Also, depending on whether the affiliate joins directly or not, you can choose how you earn. Using the registers your earning in cash while using the direct Ledger DeFi affiliate program records earnings in BTC. The payout must reach a $50 threshold before affiliates can withdraw.
  • Visit Ledger here

Paxful - Defi exchange affiliate program

  • Originally a trading platform for cryptos, Paxful has recently developed a friendly platform for affiliate earning. The Paxful affiliate team has a pleasant reputation for improving the experience, and their DeFi referral program pays out 10% in commissions for every level 2 bitcoin purchase that an affiliate refers. That generous system lets you in on commissions from the referred purchases that affiliates you refer would normally only benefit from. Affiliates also get to keep half of the exchange fees when a referred buyer orders bitcoin through the Paxful platform, so there are many ways to get income.
  • Visit Paxful here

Coinmama - Exchange affiliate program

  • Reliable is not a word you throw around in crypto-space, and that’s why Coinmama is worth her mention in this list. Since its launch in 2013, the Israel-based crypto exchange platform has become a reliable moneymaker for crypto enthusiasts. Coinmama offers a lifetime exchange commission of up to 30% through an in-house DeFi affiliate program on its web application.
  • Coinmama boasts support in more than 189 countries – can prove to be a good platform for any DeFi referral program you’re looking to stack sats with.
  • Visit Coinmama here

Changelly - Exchange affiliate program

  • Changelly has as many platform users as Coinmama despite joining the cryptocurrency exchange market much later, which is a testament to Changelly’s excellent experience. The round-the-clock live support, transparent rates, and easy-to-use platform make the DeFi affiliate program an easier choice for people looking to get more from DeFi.
  • Changelly also presents an irresistible offer in her DeFi referral program - Affiliates earn commissions at 50% for every referred user. Even popular media channels like Coin Gecko and CoinTelegraph have found that offer hard to pass up.
  • Visit Changelly here

Trezor - Hardware wallet for defi affiliate program

  • Trezor is a hardware wallet like Ledger that allows you to store cryptocurrency assets offline. Affiliates find Trezor an excellent DeFi affiliate program, despite its averagely impressive 12% commission on referrals, because of how popular Trezor is in crypto-space. After all, everyone in the crypto market will need a hardware wallet at some point, so being an affiliate of the most popular one is not a bad idea.
  • Visit Trezor here

These seven DeFi affiliate programs have kept up good referral commissions for a respectable period of time. We are keeping our eye on some new ones such as the, upcoming HASHWallet affiliate program which may likely give strong commissions to compete with those listed above.

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5 of the Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

5 of the Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

A new financial landscape is evolving and growing in popularity every day. People all around the world are beginning to understand and learn more about blockchain technology and projects developing in the crypto space. Scarce cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Proof of Stake coins such as Ethereum are in high demand. One of the best ways to accumulate cryptocurrencies is to earn it through a passive income strategy using blockchain affiliate programs.

Passive income earned by accumulating cryptocurrency

You can accumulate cryptocurrencies and digital assets by referring others to blockchain projects that you believe in and feel comfortable promoting. Affiliate programs allow you to refer new customers or users to a platform that in return compensates you in either their tokens, fiat currency, or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ivan on Tech Acadamy referral program - This is a great program because you are sharing a new life skill and potential promising career path to those interested in learning blockchain programming.

Ledger Hardware Wallet referral program - A hardware wallet allows people to become their own banks and securely store and manage their digital assets. Ledger is a great company to promote because the organization behind Ledger is working on a number of exciting helpful products and services for our future global economy.

  • The commission for the Ledger referral program is 10% of the net sale amount on each order
  • Ledger is a leading digital asset wallet
  • Visit Ledger affiliate program

RealT Blockchain Real Estate referral program referral program and crypto payment cards - A centralized crypto exchange and crypto payment card provider.

CryptoHopper referral program - Regarded as one of the worlds leading trading bots! The CryptoHopper affiliate program allows you to make commission on a monthly basis as long as your referrals are active.

  • Earn a minimum of $1,90 a month for each user who signs up for an Explorer Hopper, $4,90 for each Adventure Hopper referral and $9,90 for each Hero! To maximize your earnings, each referral will also earn you up to 15% (10% base) over each of their payments, including; signals, strategies and marketplace items. It all counts.
  • Visit CryptoHopper to sign up and get your affiliate link

View more referral programs from our post - 15 blockchain affiliate programs with high paying commissions

Can You Trust a Hardware Wallet to Generate Your Seed and Key?

Can You Trust a Hardware Wallet to Generate Your Seed and Key?

Welcome to this crypto and blockchain video posted by Andreas Antonopoulos. In this video you learn about cold storage of digital assets and why a hardware wallet is still the safest place for your crypto assets.

HASHWallet Hardware Wallet

The first non-programmable hardware wallet, HASHWallet creates a totally secure environment for signing any transaction. Users are able to visualize and confirm their operations using a large e-ink screen, being a non-programmable device the HASHWallet does not allow for any possibility of impersonation or fraud.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Trezor Hardware Wallet

Best Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada | Lowest Fees

Best Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada | Lowest Fees

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video posted by BTC Sessions. In this video and article, you will learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin using the platform and These two sites are essentially the same site and just interlink between one another depending on if you are buying or selling.

Best site to buy and sell Bitcoin and are the goto sources that I use to buy Bitcoin with my Canadian dollars and to sell my Bitcoin when I need to exchange it for Canadian dollars.

The reason I like using this platform is that the fees are lower than buying Bitcoin using other platforms such as Binance, Coinsquare, Coindesk, Changelly etc. The fees for these platforms will cost you more money. If you are only putting a little bit of FIAT ($CAD) money into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies each month the fees can really add up. You don't want to lose 10% of your investment towards fees right off the get-go... That is no way to start investing. shows you the rate of which they buy and sell bitcoin and give you very transparent information. You know exactly how much $CAD buying power you will have in your account to transfer into BTC before confirming your transaction.

The first step is to sign up for an account. Go to and create an account. You will need to provide a phone number, your name, and connect a bank account.

Once you have done this you can send money directly from your bank account to your account. By sending money to your / account you are creating a voucher that is redeemable for Bitcoin.

Methods you can use to fund your account

  • E-transfer - this is the fastest option and there is no fee for sending money this way, at least not on /'s side. This is the method I have used in the past a number of times.
  • Direct debit - this is also a good way but is a bit slower. There is no fee for sending money this way, at least not on /'s side.
  • Wire transfer - slower and your bank charges you fees
  • Desjardins transfer - I'm not familiar with this method
  • Deposit L-CAD - I'm not familiar with this method

See the image below as an example. You can see that the amount you are sending is the amount that will receive. The way that / make their cut is by selling the actual Bitcoin for a slightly higher price than the current market price. However even though they do this the % increase is still better than the fees that you would be charged when buying through an exchange or when using a credit card.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada Lowest Fees

Once your funds are available in your account you can either wait or convert your $cad voucher into BTC rightaway once its available. You will simply copy and paste your BTC wallet 'public address' into the destination address. Your BTC will then be sent to your wallet. I personally send my BTC directly into my Ledger Hardware Wallet since this is the most secure way to store cryptocurrency. Or if I am wanting to purchase other cryptocurrencies with my BTC I'll send it to an exchange such as Binance. I will use the exchange to buy cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Chainlink, Kyber Network, Tezos, etc. Once I buy make the trade I will then send the new digital asset to my Ledger Hardware Wallet.

Here is an example of the cost for buying BTC with /

Coinmarketcap price for BTC right now at time of writing this = 7168 US = 10063 CAD / sells BTC at a rate as of this moment at = 10316 CAD


If I were to send $1000 CAD into BTC I would have a fee of $24.50 which is not to bad.

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