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Top 3 CryptoCurrencies End of 2018 Picks | DataDash

Top 3 CryptoCurrencies End of 2018 Picks | DataDash

Welcome to this episode of DataDash.You can hear some technical analysis, crypto trading positions, and opinion on three crypto currency picks that may rally in the end of 2018.

Nano - Nano is on the radar of DataDash for a token to rally in the later part of 2018. You can watch the episode above to see the opinions of Nicholas Merten. You must determine your own trades based on your own research, but it is always good to see the opinions of seasoned traders. Nano was one of the most oversold cryptocurrencies since the highs that were seen in December/January. It fell about 20x since its highs.

Dash - Due to the marketing efforts of Dash and adoption in places such as Venezuela. Speculation and hype come into play and Dash is one of the tokens that are on the list to watch and perhaps one that will have a nice rally in the end of 2018. Dash went down 10x since the September highs. Closing a position that is already held into Dash will be released at the $350 and more closed out at around the $450/$500 range. Marketing is a big part of why Dash may do well.

Monero - Monero seems to have an easy trading pattern to follow. History does not necessarily repeat itself. Monero may test the $150 level again and then perhaps consolidate and move higher.

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