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DeFi leader Uniswap, has stepped it up with a governance token of their own – UNI. As expected of such a behemoth of a platform, they have big aspirations. Aspirations that are well encapsulated by the one billion coins stocked for release over the next four years.

To Uniswap, this is a chance to reward their community members, investors, present/future employees, and advisers with a planned token allocation of 60%, 17.8%, 21.51%, and 0.69%, respectively. In doing so, they follow the recent trend of protocol teams dishing out governance rights in exchange for the much-desired liquidity.

Since its launch, the UNI has not been immune to the market cap’s price volatility. Within 48 hours, the UNI token price soared as high as $8.00 as Uniswap users grabbed their share of airdropped tokens, in the following days it settled around $4.00.

However, it’s still early days for this new token, and the attractive $4.00 current market price per token has catalyzed widespread belief that this token can end up becoming DeFi’s next golden project.

The four-year vesting cycle is adjudged to be worth around $600 million in potential yields for the 17.8% (178 million tokens of UNI) to be shared to the investors. 


What is Uniswap and how does it work

Uniswap is a protocol for fully decentralized automated liquidity on Ethereum

Uniswap is a simple formalized equation that enables unstoppable liquidity for thousands of users and hundreds of applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Uniswap allows developers, liquidity providers, and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to everyone.

Uniswap Mission

Uniswap is a transparent, censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for Ethereum. erc-20 tokens

Uniswap lowers barriers of entry to financial participation and removes central points of failure.

It enables anyone to create new markets, provide liquidity, and build financial applications that could not have existed before.


Best Way To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency | Uniswap, Metamask, Kyber Network

Best Way To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency | Uniswap, Metamask, Kyber Network

Central exchanges are becoming a thing of the past. The crypto community has begun using decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Decentralized exchanges have evolved to become more user friendly, less restrictive, and more secure.

With centralized exchanges, there is always the risk that your account will be frozen, or your private keys will be stolen. With Uniswap you are able to trade right from your hardware wallet or browser extension such as Metamask.

If you are using a centralized exchange it may be because you are not educated enough in crypto to understand the difference between a centralized and decentralized exchange. It is important in the crypto industry to stay on top of new technology and where the industry is heading.


Can ETHEREUM Handle TRILLIONS?! PoS vs Defi, Flash Loans, Kyber, ProgPow | Ryan Adams Interview

Can ETHEREUM Handle TRILLIONS?! PoS vs Defi, Flash Loans, Kyber, ProgPow | Ryan Adams Interview

Welcome to this blockchain interview video by Ivan Liljeqvist. In this video you will find an interview between Ivan Liljeqvist and Ryan Adams. Topics of discussion include Ethereum, Uniswap, PoS vs Defi, Flash Loans, Kyber, ProgPow


DefiZaps on Ethereum for Defi Integrations

DefiZaps on Ethereum for Defi Integrations | Nuggets News

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by Nuggets News. In this video you will learn about DefiZaps and how to integrate tokenized positions into Defi on Ethereum and other blockchains with Uniswap.

Zapier vs DefiZaps

Zapier is a well known automation service that allows the integration of many different web services and apps. You are able to make an outcome happen when a specific operation occurs. The same applies with DefiZaps, when one thing happens a reaction will occur to execute a process that you have previously set.

DefiZaps is a new concept, please watch the video above to get a better understanding of how DefiZaps work.


Ethereum Token Undervalued 10,000 Target

Ethereum Token Undervalued | $10,000 Target? Ivan on Tech Talks Defi

Welcome to this blockchain video by Ivan Liljeqvist on Good Morning Crypto. In this video you will learn about the cryptocurrency market growth phase that is currently under way. Ivan talks about the Ethereum platform and how it might be massively undervalued. Ethereum is leading the charge on decentralized finance applications. There is a considerable amount of Eth being locked away each month for defi. Defi projects such a RealT and Synthetix are using Uniswap to amplify the growth of the defi space.