Crypto Startup and Investment News Feb 25 2019

Crypto News Updates Feb 25 2019 Blockchain Startup News

Japanese firm Recruit backs Beam's $5M funding round via blockchain fund

Japanese internet giant Recruit has launched a $25 million blockchain fund, TechCrunch reported. In a press release dated February 18, the company ... read more

Cashaa: Blockchain Summit Concludes at IIM Lucknow, Support Received From Government

24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blockchain Summit India 2019, the first edition of the ... More than 50 VC & crypto funds together with a number of premium ... the Blockchain Expo, Blockchain Startup Pitch and Blockchain Masterclass ... read more

Daily Briefing: Japanese internet giant Recruit Holdings launches $33.75m fund for blockchain ...

The funding round was led by Netherlands' development bank FMO. ... Co-founder and CEO Ajit Raikar said that the startup expects to launch in ... read more


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