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Name of Organizations / digital currencies / persons / digital platforms / applications used in the video

    • Ethereum
    • EIP-1559
    • NFT
    • DeFi
    • Opensea
    • uniswap V2
    • Tether
    • Axie infinity
    • Uniswap V3
    • USD Coin
    • CryptoPunk
    • Aave
    • Solana
    • Avalanche
    • Layer 2 Expansion (Matic)
    • Elrond
    • Elrond Network
    • Marvel
    • Spider-man
    • VeVe Marketplace
    • Wolverine
    • Batman
    • Eminem (Rapper)
    • Coinbase ventures
    • nfl player Larry Fitzgerald
    • Coinbase
    • Ami
    • Bitcoin
    • Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Summary of Timestamp 2 & 3:

Ethereum has just had a major protocol upgrade (EIP-1559)

EIP-1559 is basically changing ethereum's monetary policy for the better and basically every single transaction that goes through on the base layer of ethereum on the ethereum blockchain a little bit of a Etherium is going to be burnt.

Eip1559 has already burned one million worth of ethereum and this was just in the first three hours. In fact ethereum is burning ten thousand dollars every minute after the upgrade

.10.55 Ethereum are being destroyed every 60 seconds

Summary of Timestamp 4

Had eip 1559 been live on ethereum the last year it would have seen almost 3 million ethereum burned

This is a 75 reduction of supply emission impact since around 4.2 million each a year are mined

This is happening already during a supply crunch with Ethereum

Summary of Timestamp 5

Number one core investment thesis which underpins entire cryptocurrency and nft portfolio:

The market currently misunderstands and misprices natively programmable store of value assets because it doesn't understand the future utility

There is huge opportunity in cryptocurrency right now!!

Summary of Timestamp 6

Ethereum addresses using deFi so ethereum addresses rose 65 last quarter

It means people are interacting with the DeFi protocols and the boom corresponded with an increased supply of stable coins.

Opensea, uniswap V2, Tether, Axie infinity, Uniswap V3, USD Coin can be checked on websites. 

Summary of Timestamp 7

The cheapest CryptoPunk that you can buy now is more than $100,000 in Ethereum

It is undeniable that CryptoPunks and nfts continue to boom

Average crypto punk's sale price has surged to an all-time high of $121,000.

Summary of Timestamp 8

Altcoins with huge potential that are making moves –Aave

Aave is exploring Solana and Avalanche and Layer 2 expansion like Matic. Ethereum will be compatible to these. 

Summary of Timestamp 9

Elrond big step forward !

Elrond network becomes the first carbon negative European blockchain opening a new wave of sustainable innovation so every nft every DeFi product mirror transaction on Elrond will have a positive environmental impact.

Summary of Timestamp 10

Marvel unveils the first official nfts starting with spider-man

Marvel's first official nft crypto collectible will launch on the VeVe marketplace this month

Spider-man digital sculptures will be released this weekend prices between 40 and 400 each with other marvel nfts dropping later in August.

So, they are doing everything whether it is wolverine, batman or whoever. 

Summary of Timestamp 11

Ami is a brand name in the nft crypto collectibles

Eminem, Coinbase back ethereum nft platform maker's place in a $30 million raise

Investors include rapper Eminem, Coinbase ventures,  nfl player Larry Fitzgerald and many more

Summary of Timestamp 12

Almost all of the attention in cryptos on Ethereum, DeFi, EIP 1559 and nfts. However, bitcoin is going through a supply shock.

Summary of Timestamp 13

Bitcoin user net growth seven day moving average has reached an all-time high

It has been the fastest growing in the entire history of bitcoin over a weekly average

Re-accumulation showed by Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio giving off some mid-2017 vibes although this current recovery has been much quicker so far

if bitcoin breaks 45 000 within this next month i call it 100k as very likely this year

Coinbase to enable cryptocurrency buys with linked debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay and instant cash ads up to $100,000 per transaction available 24/7.


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