Ethereum Middleware? Chainlink Mixicles | Chico Crypto

Ethereum Middleware? Chainlink Mixicles | Chico Crypto

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by Chico Crypto. In this video you will learn about why Ethereum mainnet is a perfect middleware platform that is great at what its good at and can leave things its not good at to other integrated dapps, oracles, and protocols. Chainlink stated in the whitepaper about 'mixicles' which work by taking a contract and dividing it into parts, onchain and offchain. Mixicles will likely play a major role in blockchain contracts in the future. Unibright is also touched on in this video.

Enterprise Ethereum is well underway and with news coming from Consensys regarding the Baseline protocol it has got another reason to succeed. The Baseline project collaborators include Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Chainlink, AMD, Maker and Unibright.


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