Gary Vee Las Vegas Blockchain Presentation | Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Gary Vee Las Vegas Blockchain Presentation | Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency special video! This is a presentation done by Gary Vee at the Las Vegas ChainXChange conference in September of 2018. In this keynote presentation you will hear the views and opinions of Gary Vee as he discusses the future of blockchain technology, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies.

Presentation Summary:

Gary Vee starts of his presentation in Las Vegas by mentioning that 'patience' is required in the blockchain and crypto space. Patience is needed for something that starts as a 'fad' to become 'mainstream'. He uses an example about the internet and back in the day people would laugh when any one would say it had any value and that buying something through the internet was just a far fetched idea. In the early days of the internet many people thought that it was simply a fad that would not exist by the year 2000.

Blockchain as a technology is a foregone conclusion, but the cryptocurrencies that are built on blockchain will likely not have the same fate. We are very early in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and like the many websites and search engines that disappeared as the internet evolved (90 to 98 percent no longer exist) a similar path lays ahead of us for the blockchain space.

99% of people on the planet do not know that blockchain exists and those who do it starts and ends at the term 'Bitcoin'. We are in the very very early stage and it is important to know this. There are so many people who maxed out credit cards when Bitcoin was at 15000 hoping to become overnight millionaires. It is important to know that new markets can be volatile and to invest wisely.

Important takeaways is to enter into something they believe in slowly and be thoughtful on new technologies. New technologies take time for people to scale and people to adopt them. Normal people do not know what blockchain is or what it does, just because it is useful, powerful, and likely a technology that is here to stay - you must be self aware and understand that the world is slow to adapt and major fluctuations can occur in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Being self aware is very important, it is up there with the importance of patience. Not everyone is meant to be a blogger or a vlogger or run there own company. The number 12 person at facebook made more than 99% of the number one people in other companies in the last 15 years. This is not to say you should not strive to have your own ambitions and projects, but you should also help support those who are established and require the expertise that you may bring to the table.

Living through the growth of 'Nationalism'

Blockchain is very revolutionary and helps to bring the middle back to the people. Gary Vee mentions that countries like China, Russia, and the United States - stand to lose all there power outside of there military and weapons as things like blockchain evolve. blockhain is decentralized and can not be censored. We are living our lives currently through the growth of nationalism. In order for blockchain to have global dominance and reach it true potential Gary Vee says that this is on the level of WW3 dynamics as the people with leverage and the powers at be will not let this happen easily.

Respect the opportunity that lies ahead in the macro opportunity (long term thinking). The short term way of thinking in the blockchain space will have a similar result as the short term effects seen in the 'social' 'email' and other technologies that took time for mainstream adoption. Think macro, be patient, be self aware and enjoy life!

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