Good Morning Crypto July 7 2018 | Binance 1 Billion In Year 1?

Good Morning Crypto | July 7 2018

Welcome to this episode of Good Morning Crypto! Ivan discusses Binance and the possibility of 1 billion in profits in its first year. Will Binance be able to hold onto this position in the crypto markets in the future? Will traditional companies such as banks and fiat exchanges move into the space and take market share? These points and more are discussed in this episode of Good Morning Crypto.

CryptoCurrency addiction

CryptoCurrency addiction is touched on as well. This addiction may impact your real life and for some people they may need to see a specialist to help treat cryptocurrency addiction. It is similar to day trading and some argue similar to gambling. Ivan mentions that it's not so much like gambling because of the knowledge aspect involved, but of course for some people the knowledge may not be there. The first step here is admitting you have a problem and to try and take the necessary measures to stunt this addiction. A few indicators could be 1. lack of sleep due to worrying and paying attention to markets 2. refreshing coinmarketcap over and over again 3. spending more than you can afford to lose 4. depressed due to market conditions. Take care of yourself and know your limits!

Schnorr Signatures

Schnorr signatures are explained in this video as well. Schnorr signatures is an official proposal on GitHub. What they do is help to reduce the size of transactions/blocks through allowing a signature to cover all inputs opposed to just one at a time. Schnorr signatures help to improve technologies like Bitcoin. You can learn more by watching the video above.


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