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How Do I Get WETH onto Arbitrum to use GMX exchange?

How Do I Get ETH or WETH onto Arbitrum to use GMX exchange?

Looking to use a decentralized exchange? Good call. Centralized exchanges have been plagued with problems in recent years and are inherently the opposite of what the crypto space aims to solve. Keep your digital assets safe and use non custodial storage methods (cold storage is best). Check out the Ledger devices if you do not yet have a crypto hardware wallet.

Steps to get WETH in your wallet so you can use GMX exchange:

  1. The first step is to install an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. This will allow you to store and interact with digital assets like Ethereum (eth).
  2. Fund your wallet: Once you have the MetaMask wallet installed, you can send Eth from any exchange or other wallet directly into your wallet.
    • How to bridge your ETH to Arbitrum using MetaMask
      • You can do this using the Arbitrum bridge here:
      • You will need to have ETH on Ethereum 'Main net' first, then you can bridge it to Layer 2 'Arbitrum'. You will need to add the network to your metamask as per the image here:
        • When the bridged transaction is complete you will have ETH that you can swap for WETH on Arbitrum
  3. Go to GMX exchange
  4. Now when you Connect MetaMask to GMX using the Arbitrum chain (Choose UMA Ropsten as the Network) you will have WETH that can be used as transaction gas fees.
  5. Create an order on GMX Exchange: You can create an order for buying or selling using your WETH