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Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video by CNBC Crypto Trader! CNBC Crypto Trader is one of the leading blockchain shows as they dive deep into the industry. The examine conferences, ICO's, dev code, blockchain use cases, regulations and much more.

Moshe Hogeg and Sirin Labs

Similar to Pied Piper from the popular HBO show Silicon Valley there are real world blockchain projects looking to make advancements in compression software with the use of blockchain technologies.

Moshe Hogeg, one of if not the biggest crypto VC investor in Israel. He is behind the project Saga a stable coin which is backed by SDR a 'basket of FIAT currencies'. Similar to how tether is backed by the USD. STOX is another project that Moshe and his team are involved in which is a prediction software.

Moshe is also behind the company Sirin Labs which has a line of devices coming out which include built in cold storage hardware wallets. The Sirin devices include a smart phone called the Finney Smart Phone and a PC called the Finney PC. You can learn more about these devices by visiting Siren Labs here.


DotPlay compression utilizes blockchain to give digital ownership and control over files that are shared across the blockchain. DotPlay compression is able to compress any files to a very small fraction of its initial size. For example if you have a video that weighs 20gb you can transfer and compress it with DotPlay and it will become say 20kb a very small file that can be easily and quickly transferred peer 2 peer.

An example of the DotPlay compression software is seen in the video above - the DotPlay employee demonstrates how you can enable certain restrictions on the file such as how many times it can be opened and for how long or which segment of the video can be viewed. Functionality such as this is made possible through blockchain connectivity. The 9mb file was reduced to 472kb in 10 seconds.


The next stop in the video is an interview with the Co-FOunder of eToro - a platform that allows investors to copy the trades of other investors and essentially put there portfolio on auto pilot. If you find an investor that you think has a proven track record that you think to yourself 'hey, I wish I could trade like that person or company' this is exactly what eToro does.


Orbs, a project/protocol for large consumer applications that raised 118 million dollars. Orbs is working on building one of the platforms that can scale and sustain a blockchain as a service similar to AWS (Amazon Web Services) but for the blockchain. You can learn more about Orbs hybrid blockchain here.

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