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Welcome to this episode of Good Morning Crypto where you can watch one of the most intense cryptocurrency debates in history. This debate took place on the CoinsBank blockchain cruise in Sept of 2018 between Roger Ver and Jimmy Song.

Ivan Liljeqvist mentions that it is important to think for yourself and use your own opinions on the topics discussed and to not follow the crowd - Tribalism and crowd following is a issue in the crypto space and people often do not use there own common sense and personal beliefs to stand behind what they shill out.

Jimmy Song starts off the debate in a very childish rant - it is pretty hard to watch. He starts blaming ROger Ver for things when Roger is in his right to introduce himself in a similar fashion as Jimmy Song did. Jimmy Song leaves the stage but eventually comes back.

Both Roger Ver and Jimmy Song had good points on both sides and also terrible points on each side. This debate is an interesting one as these two people are two of the top leaders in the blockchain and crypto space - however they act very childish at points making the crypto space look unprofessional.

Jimmy Song states that "Bitcoin Cash is a FIAT Money" - an authoritative administration. He also states that he admires Rogers efforts to free people from authoritative terrorism. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash take different approaches to decentralized money.

Bitcoin is self sovereignty / no central authority = decentralized. Money for people who want property rights over there money. Bitcoin in uncensorable while other Altcoins have a single point of failure. - Jimmy Song

BitcoinCash is a FIAT because it has a roadmap and hard-forks where economic incentives change. BitcoinCash is maternalistic. BitcoinCash is very difficult to build on unless you have cooperation with the central governance of BitcoinCash and Bitmain - Jimmy Song

Roger Ver bets $1000,000 to Jimmy Song that BitcoinCash will have a larger market cap then the Bitcoin BTC version is today in 10 years time. Roger concedes the rest of his first 10 minute mic time.

Roger says that yes there is arguing and disagreeing going on with BitcoinCash - and says this is a sign of strength and a sign that it is not central controlled. Where as BTC has silenced anyone who disagrees and deletes posts and bans contributors to flip the very argument that Jimmy Song was pointing at him. It does not matter which cryptocurrency is used and Roger states he will stand behind any cryptocurrency that strips power away from governments. - Roger Ver

Tone Vays joins the debate when Jimmy Song choose to end his time on stage. Tone Vayes says it is becoming confusing to new people trying to enter into cryptocurrencies because of sites like Bitcoin.com which is actually BitcoinCash (an altcoin) which is supposedly fake bitcoin and confuses new people.

Three reasons why Bitcoin BTC should exist: 1. Unconfiscateable 2. Censorship resistant value transfer 3. Sound money that will appreciate (Gold standard / BTC standard (savings)) - Tone Vays

Continue watching the debate above to see all the points debated on both sides.

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