Keep3rV1 Token (KP3R) – Defi Bonds + Keep3r Network

Keep3rV1 Token (KP3R) - Defi Bonds + Keep3r Network

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video on the Keep3rV1 Token (KP3R). In this article and also in the video above you will learn about the Keep3r Network.

Made by the same people behind YFI. Keep3r Network is designed as a decentralized coordination ecosystem for projects to find Keepers that will help with their upkeep.

[[DisclaimerKeep3r Network is NOT currently live, any contracts or tokens related to the Keep3r Network are for auditing purposes only. Keep3r Network release will be communicated after all audits have been disclosed.]]

Keep3r netoerk KPR token review video

  • Bond KPR to perform high-risk jobs
  • Use KPR to manage Governance
  • KPR accrues direct payment fees
  • Liquidity providers can pay Keepers with KPR credit

There is no raise, there is no sale, there is no distribution, the supply starts at 0, to earn these tokens you need to register as a Keeper and perform work. On launch, there will be a list of available jobs as defined by the project currently collaborating on Keep3r Network.


Governance is designed to have a low overhead, it is only used for the following functions

  • Adding liquidity pools accepted for job credit
  • Approving / Revoking Jobs
  • Disputing / Slashing / Resolving / Revoking Keepers
  • Set KPR reward premium

The goal is not to create time sync for Keepers, instead, they should be focused on upkeep work.


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