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Ledger Stax Crypto Wallet | The First Curved E-Ink Touch Screen

Ledger Stax Crypto Wallet | The First Curved E-Ink Touch Screen

The Gist:

The Ledger Stax is the newest crypto cold storage wallet by Ledger SAS. This new addition is their largest crypto wallet to date, but has more functionality then its predecessors. Ledger actually teamed up with Tony Fadell who is a designer of the iPod from Apple inc. The new Ledger ‘Stax’ in good old Apple fashion includes a touch screen interface. A nifty feature of the Stax is that when the device is off it can display artwork.

The Six by Ledger will become available in quarter one of 2023. It is already available for pre-order on the official Ledger website. A great promotion for the crypto industry is that the hardware device is also planned to be on sale in big box stores such as BestBuy in the USA.

Ledger Stax Wallet Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 85×54×6
  • Screen type: E Ink (up to 16 grays),
  • Customizable always-on lock screen,
  • Capacitive touch
  • Screen resolution (pixels): 672×400
  • Weight: 45g
  • Connectivity: USB C, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Magnet array for easy stacking
  • Qi wireless charging capabilities
  • Powered by the Secure Element chip and Ledger’s proprietary OS,
  • Battle-tested for years by security experts.

There has been a big movement in recent weeks following the FTX problems that have plagued the crypto markets. With many crypto holders taking their digital assets off of centralized exchanges and storing them where they should be stored… on non custodial means that they control. The Ledger hardware wallets offer this solution.

The Ledger Nano sold more than 5 million devices of which none have ever got hacked. The Ledger Nano although secure lacks the control required by many crypto users to manage not only their fungible tokens, but their non fungible tokens (NFTs) as well. The Ledger Stax is equipped to do just that with its larger and interactive screen.

A common question about the Ledger devices that gets asked is what happens if someone else finds or tries to take your digital assets off your device if the physically have possession of it. For example someone you know or if you happen to lose it or leave it behind somewhere.

Ledger devices are password protected by a PIN where if the PIN is entered in 3 times in a row incorrectly than the device will reset to factory settings. If you get your device back then you can gain access back to your assets by using the private key that you should keep somewhere safe and private. If you don’t get your device back you can use this private key on a new device to get access to your funds as well. For help with this check out the Ledger support section of their website.

Visit the Official Ledger website here.

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