MCO and Review with Coupon Referral Code | Best Crypto Card?

MCO and Review with Coupon Referral Code | Best Crypto Card? | Coin Bureau

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by Coin Bureau. In this video you learn about and their native token MCO along with their crypto credit card. Is the card one of the best crypto cards to get?

You can use referral code utn2pvuqvd to get $50 in MCO tokens for free.

What is

In a nutshell, is a blockchain project that is helping to push the crypto space to new users and help achieve mass adoption. has made some good steps towards bridging the gap between traditional fiat systems and cryptocurrencies.

  • Merchant payment system - has a payment merchant system that allows businesses to receive cryptocurrencies in the coins or tokens they prefer.
  • Invoice creation - allows users to request crypto in specific tokens. Crypto tools for B2B and B2C.
  • Crypto investing tools - quant trading, a powerful trading tool that automates trades. The cost for this service is 9% of profit from any trades executed.
  • Crypto lending - over collateralized loans

MCO vs CRO Tokens

MCO token is the utility token of the ecosystem. It was issued to investors during their token sale in 2017. The MCO token unlocks functionality and perks of the ecosystem.

CRO token is a cross asset intermediary currency used to settle assets on the chain. CRO token can be staked to unlock benefits on the exchange.

Details for Crypto Cards

MCO Blue Card by

The MCO Blue card card allows you to spend your crypto (such as BTC, XRP, ETH) in any shop that accepts visa. A perk of the MCO Blue card is that card holders get 1% cash back on all purchases. The cash back rewards is actually paid to card holders in MCO tokens.

A second perk is that you can use the card to withdraw up to $200/month in cash from an ATM for free. Amounts over the $200 is charged at 2% fees when taking cash out from ATMs.

A third perk is that you can exchange fiat currencies of up to $2000 at better rates then traditional currency exchanges.

MCO Ruby Card by

The MCO Ruby card is a more premium card that you can get by staking 50 MCO tokens. At the time of this video recording MCO tokens are around the $% level. This makes a staking amount of about $250. This money is not a monthly or annual fee however as you can unstake your MCO tokens and exchange them for any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency to get your money back.

A perk with the MCO ruby card is that you get 2% cash back on any spending. You also get a free Spotify account which has a value of about $13US dollars. The MCO ruby card is made of metal.

Another perk of the ruby card by is that you get free withdraw of up to $400 from ATMs. Exchange rates are up to 4000/month at lower rates.

MCO Green and Indigo Cards by Cards

These two cards are a big step up from the first two cards offered by You need to stake at least 500 MCO tokens to get one. At $5 per MCO token that is $2500 worth of staking.

With the Indigo and Green MCO crypto cards you get 3% cash back on purchases. A free Spotify account, and a free Netflix account.

The cash withdraw limit from ATMs is free for the first $800 withdrawn each month. With the interbank exchange rates being $10,000 per month at premium exchange rates.

A cool extra perk with the MCO cryptocurrency credit card is the lounge key. The lounge key is comparable to general airport passes which cost around $220/year.

MCO White and Rose Gold Cards by Cards

These two cards are a big step up from even the Green and Indigo cards. In order to get one of the White or Rose Gold cards you need to stake 5000 MCO tokens. 5000 MCO tokens at $5/MCO would cost $25,000. These cards get you 4% cash back on spending amounts. 10% off Expedia booking fees, $1000 in free ATM withdraws, and a $20,000 limit for interbank exchange rates.

Additional perks of the top tier card

  • Additional 2%/year interest rate
  • Crypto earn limits raised to 1million
  • Amazon prime
  • merch
  • Access to OTC block trades for MCO and CRO
  • research reports access
  • Inheritance service
  • Access to industry events
  • Priority customer service

MCO Obsidian Card by

To get your hands on one of these premium crypto credit cards you will need to stake 50,000 MCO coins. 50,000 MCO coins at the current time of $5/coin will cost $250,000 (quarter million). For this card you get all the perks of the White and Rose Gold cards with additional perks such as private jet service, and 5% cash back, 10% off air bnb, and unlimited monthly limits for interbank exchange rates. MCO Ruby Card Referral Link Code

Interested in getting one of the cards? You can use the coupon referral code:


using the code will get you $50 in MCO tokens for free. You will need to pass KYC and stake at least 50 MCO to get the Ruby Card. Coupon Referral Code 50 MCO

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