PARSIQ vs. ZAPIER: Automation For Repetitive Blockchain Tasks

PARSIQ vs. ZAPIER: Automation For Repetitive Blockchain Tasks

Start-ups, managers and even freelancers use various web applications regularly. Using these many applications and processes can become tasking, inconvenient and repetitive. In a bid to find convenience and an easy way out, many people have found refuge in automation tools. 

Zapier is an automation tool that serves as a bridge between many business web applications. But in the fast-moving world of blockchain processes and transactions, Zapier is handicapped to certain functionalities. And that’s where PARSIQ steps in. 

What is PARSIQ?

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation tool that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications. In simpler terms, PARSIQ is a platform built for everyone – institutions and merchants alike – that allows users to monitor transactions and automate workflows in real-time. With PARSIQ, you can automate repetitive blockchain tasks and connect blockchain transactions, data and events with many web applications, platforms, services and channels.

PARSIQ vs. Zapier for Blockchain Applications

Unlike Zapier, the PASIQ platform is a tool that gives its users a means to apply “if-this-then-that” logic to connect workflows between blockchains and off-chain applications. 

PARSIQ offers a great advantage in the blockchain world. With it, anyone can monitor and manipulate blockchain data streams, which is impossible with Zapier. The PARSIQ tool also helps existing businesses get integrated with blockchain Infrastructures, fueling manipulation and automation for blockchain-specific asset management. 

When it comes to seamless and easy design, the PARSIQ team has done a marvelous job. And they are constantly improving and upgrading the PARSIQ tool to make it even easier for users with little technical knowledge, enabling them to create workflows quickly with just a few clicks. 

PARSIQ also boasts strong security, to the core of checking the addresses of funds and zeroing on the blacklisted address. Although it is a blockchain-based tool, PARSIQ also helps individuals and businesses alike to simplify accounting, tracking of portfolios, and financial reports, especially with its recent Google sheets automation. 

According to the founders of PARSIQ, they understood that many cryptocurrency-related businesses didn’t see a need to carry out in-depth investigations as to the sources of the funds they process. All they wanted was a way to track assets in real-time and to ensure that the funds are legitimate. This gave rise to the game-changing idea of PARSIQ, which is helping millions to monitor and automate their blockchain workflows in real-time. 

With the many benefits and advantages that come with PARSIQ, the developers have also managed to give out most of its rewarding functionalities for a low and rewarding fee subscription. In terms of pricing, Zapier and PARSIQ are very similar in their professional offers. This is another wholesome advantage from PARSIQ, seeing as it seamlessly bridges the gap between blockchain and business. 

Bottom line

Although Zapier is an effective automation tool that helps its users daily to close the gap between business web applications and automation, it is quite limited in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and blockchain transactions. The PARSIQ tool carries all the automation functionalities of Zapier and is also effective in impacting and connecting blockchain applications.


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