Paxful Referral Program | Blockchain Affiliate Program

Paxful Referral Program | Blockchain Affiliate Program

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video posted by. In this video and article belwo you will learn about the Paxful referral program. The Paxful referral program is one of the top paying blockchain affiliate programs.

Paxful referral program details

Paxful's Affiliate Program was created to help increase your profits by sharing their platform with friends, family, and followers. You get rewarded for the users that you send to Paxful and who use their cryptocurrency platform.

Instant Profits on Every Trade

50% of your Tier 1 affiliates fees
10% of your Tier 2 affiliates fees paid by their affiliates

How Does Paxful Affiliate Program Work?

  1. Sign up - you can sign up for Paxful here.
  2. Create content/posts.
    1. attract affiliates and share the Paxful platform
  3. Embed link.
    1. When people click through your Paxful affiliate link, they are tagged with a special unique ID that let's Paxful know you sent them their way. This is a global system that works everywhere in the world.
  4. Affiliates sign up and but BTC - you earn commission.
  5. You earn 50% from tier 1 affiliates (directly referred by you) and 10% from tier affiliates (affiliates referred by your affiliates).
  6. You get paid in BTC when you have $10 or more in your account.

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