RealT and Uniswap | True Real Estate Liquidity

RealT and Uniswap | True Real Estate Liquidity

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto video by TokenEyes. In this crypto video, you will learn about a new and exciting project called RealT.

What we think is cool about RealT!

  • It is built on Ethereum.
  • You can tokenize your own mortgage.
  • You can buy shares of rental properties.
  • You gain ownership of real estate through tokenization.
  • You receive rental income every 24 hours.
  • Paid in DAI stable coin.
  • Works through Uniswap.Exchange.
  • They have an affiliate referral program (sign up and make money here)
  • Earn 2% cashback on referral real estate investments
  • Receive daily/monthly payments from the rental properties you have fractional tokenized ownership in.


Recent Press Release by RealT:

The launch of RealT on Uniswap signifies the first real estate property to become fully tokenized and tradable on a decentralized finance exchange.

Miami, FL, 8 November 2019 – RealT, the web-based platform enabling investors from anywhere in the world to purchase fractional ownership of US properties, announced its official first exchange pair on Uniswap. In the year since its launch, Uniswap has demonstrated the simplicity and effectiveness of its interface, which provides for seamless exchange of any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain.

Through a landmark partnership between RealT and Uniswap, the first digital asset representing a traditional security launched on an open finance exchange Monday, November 4, 2019. The exchange pair on Uniswap is between Ether (ETH) and the RealToken tied to RealT’s flagship property, 9943 Marlowe Street in Detroit, Michigan. RealToken holders can now go to Uniswap.Exchange and instantly buy or sell Marlowe RealTokens with ETH. This RealT-Uniswap integration has created the quickest way to buy or sell real state properties in the world.

The listing of RealTokens within Uniswap is significant because it demonstrates a security token operating inside of Ethereum’s open financial system, while still maintaining compliance. All business and compliance logic that is incorporated within RealTokens is retained in Uniswap.

“Providing liquidity to real estate is integral to the core vision of RealT. We are pleased to have been able to make that vision a reality through Uniswap’s seamless interface and efficient exchange,” said Jacobson Brothers, Remy, and Jean-Marc, Founders of RealT.

For more information and to view RealT properties, visit: 


About RealT:

RealT is an innovative web-based platform that simplifies access to real estate investments in the United States. Investors from around the globe can purchase fractional ownership of US properties without the hassle traditionally associated with real estate investment. In the process, investors can enjoy passive rental income. RealT’s fully compliant, trusted and user-friendly platform issues property ownership interests in the form of tokens called RealTokens.

RealTokens are ERC-20-compatible digital cryptographic tokens modified to comply with applicable US securities laws. RealTokens enable fractional ownership in each property and are used to determine the rental income share of each investor. Rental income is distributed based on the investor’s percentage ownership. Investors are also given the opportunity to vote on property decisions such as maintenance, leasing, and liquidation. The company currently offers properties in Detroit, Michigan, and is looking to expand across the US and the world.


Company Contact: David Hoffman COO // RealT

RealT Affiliate Program

Investors in any RealT property on the market get special perks:

  • 2% cashback on all RealTokens sold
  • VIP access to events and special promotions
  • Early notification of new property listings

Anyone who owns just one RealToken is invited to join the Affiliate Program. Begin your real estate investment portfolio, and start earning rental payments and referral rewards to your wallet daily.


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