Remy Bitcoin Billionaire Song | Crypto Song

Lyrics: I was broke, unemployed, I was starting to slouch I was sleeping in the basement on my momma's new couch That's when I heard it all, a chance to skirt it all a money like my last girl Completely virtual... Got the top graphics cards, got a power supply a microprocesser, a motherboard, a towering drive I put the RAM in the RAM slot, drive in the larger bay topped it off, two fans Like a Chargers game! Price spike to $30!? I missed out, I fear crudely assemble a rig like a BP engineer My friends and family smile and smirk and all make fun of me But I'm-a make them eat their words because I'm gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire Spending money like I don't care Mining coin in my underwear I'm gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire Selecting software and reading the notes I'm picking out my favorite miners like a Penn State coach Pick me a digital wallet for holding all my amounts read up on the all the ways to open lots of accounts I feel like Tom Brady, I got a fear of inflation But this is crypto, baby--central bank decentralization The script I flipped it, laptop encrypted My life was rotten now all my cotton's Egypt-ed Now even on my vacation I'm crypto-supplying They call me gentrification the way I'm block-modifying Friends asking "what's the best part of your newfound treasury?" I say "reminding you how you told me I'd never be a… Bitcoin Billionaire Spending money like I don't care Flash drives in their underwear Now that I'm a Bitcoin Billionaire The cash was never-ending, yo upscale and fun and rowdy I was spending like a 7 on a scale from 1 to Saudi Call it mad bankin', all night and all weekend My rig is Al Franken: (grabs what it can while you sleepin') Just try outspending me and you'll see I'm on a mission I drop more Satoshis than a clumsy Japanese obstetrician But I ain't open to splits, don't care if it's best or not Opposing forks like a Chinese restaurant I went from geek to chic, from basic to ASIC I went from basement-squatting to yachting from basin to basin Went from no friends and depression to peer-to-peer legend Bitcoin Billionaire Spending money like I don't care Then one day there was a solar flare... I was a Bitcoin Billionaire Spending money like I don't care Now I just pawned my underwear Used to be a Bitcoin Billionaire.

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