Ripple XRP Website Down | What has happened July 29 2019

XRP Ripple Site Down


The Ripple site has been restored

Ripple website back up

Ripple XRP official site down July 29 2019

Welcome to this post where we stay up to date on why ripple xrp has a site outage. On July 29 2019 XRP has a 504 error.

It is more then just the home page that is displaying the following 504 error message

"Page Could Not Be Loaded

The web page you were looking for could not be delivered." also has the 504 error

Why is the Ripple website down?

Update pending...

The new error message says

Database Connection Failure

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1049] Unknown database 'pantheon'


Here is some possible insight. The following discusses why the website went down on March 8 2019 at about the 9.30 minute mark.

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