Ripple XRP XRapid release date | EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum News

Possible XRapid release date | Crypto News

Welcome to this blockchain and cryptocurrency video by The Modern Investor! In this video you can find recent news released on Ripple, XRP / Xrapid, Ethereum, Bancor, EOS, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Bitcoin's network hash rate has seen an increase from 28 EH/s to 57 EH/s which refers to the speed of mining operations. The breakeven cost to mine a bitcoin is now 7300 up from 6000 in May of 2018. Mining for those who are unaware is a way that the transactions are verified on the Bitcoin blockchain - mining is used to solve a complex puzzle which requires computing power as (POW) proof of work to validate the hash of a block.

The video touches on monetary policies and regulations or lack of regulations that will be placed on crypto currencies by the UK government. Also talked about is the Zimbabwe finance minister says the state should embrace Bitcoin at a state level.

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