Solana Blockchain Review by Coin Bureau

Solana Blockchain Review by Coin Bureau

Solana is a fast layer 1 blockchain that was founded by former Qualcomm employees. The Solana blockchain can scale to over 65 000 transactions/second. It is able to scale without sacrificing decentralization or security due to a very unique feature.

Solana is able to do this by adding timestamps to blockchain transactions, something also done by companies like Google and Intel.

However, Solanas being a decentralized platform means it cannot use a centralized clock. Because of this Solana created its own decentralized clock. The clock is required for the entire blockchain to reference and organize transactions and blocks accordingly.

Solana, similar to Ethereum is a smart contract blockchain. Solana is still in development, however, this has not stopped 3rd parties from beginning to migrate towards the platform. Major players in the cryptocurrency space such as Tether, Chainlink, and FTX have all begun steps to utilize the Solana blockchain.


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