Tesla, Apple, Facebook Stocks Listed on Blockchain

Stock Backed Cryptocurrencies | DX Exchange

Welcome to this episode of Ivan on Tech. In this episode you will hear Ivan discuss a new exchange that offers digital stocks such as Tesla, Apple and Facebook. This exchange known as DX Exchange is based out of Estonia.

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Tokenized Stocks

Security tokens are the next big wave that will help bring mass adoption to the crypto space. DX.Exchange is discussed in this video and Ivan will be going to visit the company in Estonia later this month. In this episode of Good Morning Crypto you will also hear news of Tron and their new token being released for BitTorrent.

Watch this updated video where Ivan visits and interviews the team at DX exchange

The regulation around stocks/crypto currencies is still not clear. The DX exchange has made a derivative of stocks they have dubbed digital stocks. These digital stocks are not security tokens, they are stock backed crypto currencies where you can buy fractional shares 24 hours/day. This merges the crypto world with the world of traditional stocks.


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