Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Features

Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Features

Welcome to this blockchain and crypto video by HyperClips. In this video, you will hear Elon Musk talk a bit about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tesla CyberTruck, Model S, 3, X, Roadster Operating System

Blockchain interoperability will play an important role in the coming years. Companies that recognize this will have a leg up on their competitors. Elon Musk is well aware of the capabilities and uses that blockchain offers.

The blockchain niche relates to a more tech-savvy aging population that takes individual rights and freedoms more seriously. People use blockchains for exchanging goods and services, payments, store of value, programming and smart contract execution machine.

With blockchain technology, you are able to verify the authenticity of something such as an identity of a person, place, thing, or digital representation of something.

Blockchain connectivity is an important functionality for web browsers and device operating systems to have. Blockchains such as Ethereum allow for code to be created that controls digital value, runs exactly as it is programmed, and can be used 24/7 anywhere in the world. This is a very powerful platform that has 1000's of developers working various projects.

One can speculate that Tesla's operating system will be packed full of various features that are in some way or another connected to blockchains.

Tesla CyberTruck Blockchain Cryptocurrency

CyberTruck Blockchain Features

wish list

  • Hardware wallet software integration (example Ledger Live)
  • Authenticity reference number (proves your vehicle is genuine/paired to a non fungible token)
  • Dapps (through the tablet and mobile interface)
  • Location/Tracking (private, secure, access through private key login)
  • Purchase and Sale of the vehicle (peer 2 peer Tesla market place/paired to a non fungible token)
  • Data storage (Storj/IPFS integrations)
  • Rewards for activity, recharges, community involvement, etc (TSLA will have their own digital currency)
  • Performance feedback (distributed metrics)

Unanswered Questions about Tesla and Blockchain

Will Tesla make their own cryptocurrency? Will Tesla use an existing cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin? What blockchain functionality does Tesla have? Will Tesla use oracles and Chainlink? Will Tesla use Kyber Network?

Tesla Gigafactory and Blockchain Logistics Partners

Check out recent news uncovered by Chico Crypto related to Tesla and the blockchain tech they look to be pilot testing.

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