The Bitcoin Dip – We Miss You | Crypto Daily

Lyrics! Yeah, this right here (Tell me why) Goes out to everyone That lost some When Bitcoin corrected (Check it out) Seems like yesterday you rocked the show Over 10k, and then you lost your flow So far from hangin on the block for dough Volatile, they got to know that Life ain't always what it seem to be Words can't express what you mean to me, Though $10k gone, we still a team, Through more adoption, we'll fulfil the dream (that's right) In the future, can't wait to see What gates open up for me, Reminisce some time, 10 Cent way back when, Try to black it out, but i think of it again, Bought at the top, ya feelings hard to conceal, Can't imagine, all the pain you feel, Jamie Dimon is out of breath, On his knees, praying for Bitcoins death It's kinda hard with you not around, But back up, we are bound, Government watching while we come for you, Everyday, we come for you, Till the day we meet again, Cold storage is where I'll keep you friend, Memories give me the strength I need to proceed, Strength I need to believe, My thoughts big I just can't define, Wish I could turn back the hands of time, Bitcoin at six, shoppin for new clothes and kicks, Throw some BTC in the mix, Makin' hits, platforms they receive you on, Still can't believe you're gone, Give anything to see half your price, $5k bitcoin (Nov 30th 2017), That'd be nice.

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