The World’s Richest Families Buying Bitcoin In SECRET!? Chico Crypto

The World's Richest Families Buying Bitcoin In SECRET!? Chico Crypto

Welcome to Watch Crypto! In this video, Chico Crypto talks about how the richest families are taking interest in investment in cryptocurrencies. The video details how top rich families who own almost everything are now diverting their investments into tokens/coins/ and various blockchain technologies.

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Video Summary

Name of organizations/companies/platforms/websites mentioned in this chico crypto video:

  1. Rothschild investment corp
  2. Coinfund
  3. Venrock
  4. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
  5. Grayscale Ethereum Trust
  6. Coindesk
  7. Securities and Exchange Commission
  8. Revest Finance
  9. (website)
  10. Rarible

Name of persons/families mentioned in this chico crypto video:

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Rockefeller’s family
  3. Dupont’s family
  4. The Astor’s family
  5. George Soros
  6. Rothschilds
  7. Fobar
  8. David Pakman

Digital assets and digital terminologies mentioned in this chico crypto video

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Altcoin Ethereum
  3. Ethereum ($ETHE)
  4. $GBTC
  5. Altcoin
  6. Coingecko
  7. Rarible
  8. crypto tokens
  9. defi tokens,
  10. NFTs
  11. NFTs combined with DeFi
  12. Rari
  13. Alchemist Coin
  14. Financial NonFungible Token (FNFT)

Projects mentioned in this chico crypto video

  1. Venrock Crypto Mission
  2. the PROPS Project (decentralized network of video applications)
  3. Rarible Project

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Timestamp Details for this Crypto Video:

Timestamp 1

Bitcoin started to rebound due to some hype of that BWord conference….If BTC has found its bottom, from those good Elon words at BWord, Altcoins are going to find themselves too.

While everyone is still talking about BTC, we stay ahead of the way ahead. We spot projects that will surge into the top 100...before anyone else. So are you ready for alternative content?

Timestamp 2

Before we get into those altcoins. There was some BIG news for BTC and the #1 Altcoin Ethereum! The elite of the elite, some say part of the Illuminati, one of the 13 families that control this world….are finally looking at bitcoin!

So which family was it? Rockefeller’s? Dupont’s? The Astor’s?

Yeah maybe, but not the one we are gonna talk about of the most recognizable...the

Timestamp 3

Rothschild’s! (Family)

Yesterday in the mainstream crypto news, it was announced the Rothschild investment corp had increased its Bitcoin exposure by 300% since April!

And from the Coindesk article it says “The Chicago-based institutional investment manager increased its holdings of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares to 141,405 from 38,346 in the prior quarter, according to Securities and Exchange Commission documents filed Monday” So let’s just dig into that filing with the SEC and see what we come up with, and I gotta thank my thumbnail creator for finding this!

In the filing we wanna click inftable.html, an information table, which will be readable to us online.

Clicking into that and searching by what they bought grayscale...we get not 1, but 2 results!!

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust...the Rothschild’s are going deep into Ether too! And as we can see, more shares.

The over 141405 shares for bitcoin $GBTC, but over 279119 shares for Ethereum $ETHE!

Timestamp 4

Elitist families are getting exposure to BTC & the #1 altcoin,’s happening. And it’s not only the Rothschild’s! Remember earlier this month? Billionaire @2George was announced he has begun trading BTC through his Soros Fund Management!

Well Soros, isn’t one of the 13 families, he is a rung below in the pyramid of control! He is apart of the richest sub families. What about the other families in 13?? Are they getting involved with bitcoin or cryptocurrency!? Well actually yes..

Timestamp 5

And it’s from another Have you ever heard of Venrock?

Well Venrock is a venture capital firm...whose name is a compound of “venture” and “Rockefeller”... Yes this is the Rockefeller’s investment fund which for nearly half a century has been focusing on investment in science and technology! Well their investment fund has made an agreement. Shaking hands with a crypto entity...Coinfund who is a crypto investment group. This was announced to the world all the way back in April hitting main crypto media sites, and they were looking for corporations LONG Term!

And what’s SUS suspicious to both the Rockefellers and Rothschilds started making their moves around the same time! Going back to the Cointelgraph Rothschild’s Bitcoin article…”Rothschild Investment Corp has increased its Bitcoin exposure by 300% since April” Since April is the key….as we look back at the date of the partnership with the Venrock and Coinfund April 8th… And we can get a clearer date of the Rothschild’s through their initial Ethereum buy...from this Yahoo article... a 4.75 million dollar initial buy...April 15th. Within a week of each other!? Is that just a coinkydinky? Or do these families actually coordinate together...I’m leaning with the latter…

Timestamp 6

Well regarding the Rockefellers VenRock, yesterday some big news was announced!!

Business wire dropped the article “CoinFund Debuts New $83 Million Fund to Back Cutting-Edge Entrants Across the Blockchain Industry”. From the article it says “The raise was backed by Venrock partners as well as a number of forward-thinking institutional allocators and leading crypto founders who support CoinFund’s technical approach and commercial vision.” Venrock is behind this new FUND which is going deep into the crypto industry! So having this type of money is not a bad thing for the crypto projects that get it...even though these families are considered evil by many! So let’s just dive in and find what projects could be getting a slice of that pie!

Timestamp 7:

Well back in April, when they announced their strategic partnership with Coinfund, Venrock

put out their own blog titled “The Crypto Mission” and actually it’s not a bad post. Venrock understands crypto better than I thought, and I think see’s the power of decentralization. Even quoting Vitalik Buterin… But at the bottom of this they end with “At Venrock we are enlivened by the possibilities here.

We are proud investors in the PROPS Project (decentralized network of video applications) and have formed a strategic relationship with CoinFund (an advisory-focused cryptofund).

We remain focused on decentralized protocols, services and apps and foresee a future internet with fewer gatekeepers, where users have more control, and where users participate more fairly in both the governance of these networks and the economic value creation that ensues” Well there we go. One of Venrock’s altcoins. Props!

Which is sitting wayyy back on Coingecko, rank #848 and an under 10 million dollar marketcap! And going to the Props is being integrated with top consumer apps, running many transactions, and having many users! It’s a crypto that is being used... But let’s just go back to Venrock’s blog. It says at the very bottom “The Crypto Mission was originally published in on

Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story”...well let’s just click into that hyperlink…

Timestamp 8:

As we can see this website is posts from David Pakman, tech venture investor at Pakman! He is one of their BIG dog lead investors. His pinned post? “Investing in Rarible”....which was also posted on the Venrock website...and as we can see it was only posted last month!! Under the radar this news went… Within the post too, these guys are no jokers.

David understands crypto better than I even thought! He said “Back in 2018, we speculated that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) would be the product category to take crypto mainstream. So far, we aren’t right, but are likely on our way to being correct”

And then he shows a crypto waves chart...first it was just crypto tokens, then defi tokens, then NFTs...where we kind of are right now. But the next wave is NFTs combined with DeFi...and 

Timestamp 9

if you have been watching my channel for any lick of time. I have been saying projects who are working on this next wave are going to the next BIG ones! Including Rari as Rarible Project it’s a marketplace, that can not only hold crypto art NFTs, but these DeFi’d NFTs too! So Rarible, even with it’s surge undervalued compared with some of the other CRAP ranked higher than it. Rank #440 and just a 40 million dollar market cap! So IDK, I’ve been super bullish on Rari for some time, and I’ve been saying DeFi’d

NFTs are the next crypto wave. Do me an Venrock just think really similar? Or David do you watch my content!? Soooo if he does let’s just finish this episode off with the altcoins!

Timestamp 10:

Those DeFi’d altcoins, the next crypto wave besides Rari. I talked about this one yesterday! Focused on MEV yesterday, but DeFi’d NFTs, is what its crucible is all about. That is Alchemist Coin...and the update to their Crucible NFT, universal vault is now pushed to production with Ampleforth!! It’s live as of yesterday.

This is exactly what David was talking about as the next wave...David and Venrock may be there in the wave chart, but alchemist is already ahead in the waves to NFT DeFi...

Timestamp 11:

So, I’m not going to go much deeper into alchemist, I don’t want to beat a dead horse...but bring up another project, unreleased. No token...yet! That is...Revest Finance...where the website says “it’s not about the art” and they are a trustless way of transferring locked value! And within their onepager it says “Revest Finance proposes the Revest Protocol and its core instrument, the Financial NonFungible Token (FNFT)”

Yup the Financial NFT, FNFT...and in the abstract they explain what these do.” Revest Finance proposes a new protocol for the packaging, transfer, and storage of fungible ERC-20 tokens as non-fungible tokenized financial instruments, leveraging the ERC-1155 NonFungible Token standard for ease of access and universality of commerce.

Using this product, ownership of underlying assets may be traded in ways that do not affect the value of the underlying asset, leading to a new meta-layer of commerce”...back to their website...Check out who is a part of the team!! Foobar!! (person NFT Master)

Who is connected to the Gamestop NFT team Although Mr. Foo has said “Gamestop is not associated with Revest”...but having these two projects in each of Foo’s hand, doesn’t mean they won’t be associated soon!

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