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Top 8 Crypto YouTubers You Should Follow

Top 8 Crypto YouTubers You Should Follow

Cryptocurrency enthusiast or not, everyone should learn a thing or two about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. By taking advantage of industry research performed by crypto YouTubers, it's become easier than ever to stay on top of this new tech-savvy financial ecosystem known as the 'crypto industry'.

YouTube is one of the biggest visual learning tools we have today. If you're a crypto enthusiast that enjoys YouTube, you're probably in search of the best cryptocurrency influencers producing quality crypto content on the platform. 

You can view a list of crypto influencers on YouTube here.

Here are a few of the top crypto YouTubers you should follow for reliable information and increased cryptocurrency knowledge.

Altcoin Daily 

Altcoin Daily is a crypto YouTube channel that started some years back and is owned by two brothers with much to offer in news content. Their daily updates are a must-watch for people looking to stay updated with recent happenings in the crypto space.

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Chico Crypto 

The information Chico Crypto offers is based on thorough research, so you're always treated to exciting discoveries that will leave you in deep thought. If you're searching for ideas on crypto investments, this cryptocurrency influencer will get you thinking along the best lines.

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Andreas Antonopoulos

Popularly known as Aantonop, it usually takes just a minute for new viewers to get blown away by his wealth of knowledge in cryptocurrency-related matters. He is considered a genius cryptocurrency influencer and is highly interested in Bitcoin. Aantonop pays attention to his comment section and answers his followers' questions professionally. His news content is similarly professional and straight to the point. Aantonop is an excellent recommendation for people looking to learn more about cryptocurrency.

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The Modern Investor

His crypto YouTube channel has been on for some years now and gives unique insights into all things crypto. Residing in Germany despite being a US citizen affords him a broader viewpoint that cuts across the market. And he beautifully compliments this exposure with an impressive outlook on cryptocurrencies and all they have to offer through his well-packaged presentations. The Modern Investor also has excellent communication skills, especially through the comment section, where he frequently interacts with his followers.

Alessio Rastani

Alessio Rastani is a professional trainer with impeccable knowledge of the crypto-sphere. His wide-reaching expertise on topics relating to crypto coins, marketing strategies, useful hacks, and tools will definitely broaden your scope. Following this cryptocurrency influencer will also give you insights into cryptocurrency news and details from a pro perspective.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony's growing crypto YouTube channel features exciting interviews with authorities in cryptocurrency, marketing, and finance. His exciting talk shows are a big deal in the crypto space, and there's always something juicy to pick up from each episode.

Crypto Eri

Eri's crypto YouTube channel is based on intense, in-depth research and offers insights into business and marketing events in Japan with a massive focus on cryptocurrency. As with the Modern Investor, Eri's channel provides a Japanese perspective on the growing world of cryptocurrency, which is great for comparing to your location. 

Benjamin Cowen

His new crypto YouTube channel offers a blend of day-to-day economic trends and detailed technical analysis from a well-informed perspective. He's strictly professional and is very direct with his content.


There are definitely other great crypto YouTubers that you could follow that aren't listed here. But granted, these are eight top YouTube channels that will be sure to give you access to useful information, sound perspectives, and unique insights into the world of cryptocurrency.

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