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Top Crypto News Channels | YouTube Content Creators

Top Crypto News Channels

Here are some of the top crypto news channels you can watch. The below list of channels consists of YouTube content creators who regularly post content related to things such as trending crypto news, events happening related to bitcoin, blockchain, and web3, and headlines from around the globe related to the crypto industry.

Altcoin Daily crypto videos

Altcoin Daily

Date Channel Started: Jan 2018
Language: English
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Description: Altcoin Daily posts multiple videos every week and sometimes multiple videos daily. They are one of the top content creator channels in the crypto space. If you are looking for a crypto news source that is always on top of the current market trends tehn look no further then Altcoin Daily!

View Altcoin Daily >>

BitBoy Crypto video playlist

BitBoy Crypto

Date Channel Started: Feb 2018
Language: English

Description: BitBoy Crypto has quickly become one of the leading channels in the crypto space. In just a few short years Ben Armstrong has taken the BitBoy Crypto channel to over 1 million followers with an extended network that spans across tik tok, instagram, twitter, and other social media platforms. You can watch a well produced daily update and learn about new projects in the crypto space.

View BitBoy Crypto >>

Altcoin Buzz video playlist

Altcoin Buzz

Date Channel Started: January 2016
Language: English
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Description: Altcoin Buzz is an easy to watch crypto YouTube channel that covers everything crypto from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, to all of the new and upcoming altcoins, nft projects, play to earn games, and so much more!

View Altcoin Buzz >>


Voskcoin crypto videos


Date Channel Started: April 2017
Language: English
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Description: VoskCoin is notebly one of the best source of cryptocurrency news, reviews, and blockchain related tutorials. VoskCoin not only covers the important news happening in the crypto space, but it is one of the top crypto mining youtube channels that covers everything from GPU mining, rig builds, to the latest tutorials on how to mine new coins.

View Voskcoin >>

Chico-Crypto-Videos New Gem

Chico Crypto

Date Channel Started: October 2011
Language: English

Description: Telling it like it is! If you are looking for an unbiased true to himself take on things in the crypto industry - tune in to Chico Crypto to get daily updates and dots connected before anyone else!

View Chico Crypto >>

Coin Bureau videos

Coin Bureau

Date Channel Started: Jan 2019
Language: English

Description: The Coin Bureau is yet another really good crypto youtube channel that you can watch to get caught up on everything that is happening in the crypto space. The host 'Guy' is very well versed in the blockchain space and produced unique content that is very easy to digest. You may hear some rhymes and riddles if you tune into this blockchain and web 3 and crypto content creators channel.

View Coin Bureau >>

Here are more channels:

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