Top Under Valued Crypto Currencies | XRP, Stellar, Cardano ADA, NEO

Top Under Valued Crypto Currencies

Welcome to this episode of The Modern Investor. In this episode you will hear opinions on what some of the top under valued crypto currencies are considered to be as of Sept 2018. A popular report and rating system in the financial industry is the 'Weiss Ratings'. IOTA, XRP, Stellar, Cardano ADA, and NEO are among the top picks. Please remember that these are opinions and should not be taken as investment advice. It is important to always do your own research.

Other cryptocurrencies that have large upside potential are Nano, Basic Attention Token, EOS, and Ethereum. Weiss ratings have created a bit of a stir by saying that the platform Ethereum within 5 years could become the crypto king as it is built on superior blockchain technology over BTC (Bitcoin).

It was interesting to see the Dogecoin was ranked higher then Bitcoin - because the inner workings of Dogecoin are slightly upgraded and make it faster and cheaper to use among other notable characteristics.

In the news in this episode you will hear about Litecoin and the various characteristics that Litecoin utilizes such as atomic swaps and test net functionality that cannot be performed on the main Bitcoin network. Watch the above episode to learn about recent news in the blockchain and crypto currency space.

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