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Simple to Understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Guide

Blockchain Guide for Beginners

Simple to Understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Guide

Over the course of these crypto sessions, we hope to give you a better understanding of what the blockchain and crypto space is all about. We hope to prevent future mistakes and uneducated decisions before they are made. We'll do our best to keep things simple and easy to understand. We have tried to include the most important information in a series of quick and entertaining videos to get you caught up to speed and ready to start your cryptocurrency investing journey.

Crypto Session 1 | Blockchain and Crypto Terms You Should Know

To get things started we thought it would be best to go over the most important blockchain and crypto terms that you should know. Understanding these crypto terms is crucial if you want to be involved in this space. You should try your best to understand each of the terms outlined in this first episode before continuing to the next episodes.

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Crypto Session 2 | Blockchain Technology Explained + Use Cases

Now that you are aware of commonly used terms in the blockchain and crypto space we can learn more about what blockchain technology is exactly. In this crypto session we talk about the use cases of blockchain, why companies/projects should use blockchain technology, and how blockchain has evolved from generation 1 blockchains to generation 3 blockchains.

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Crypto Session 3 | Types of Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

In this crypto session, we discuss the different types of cryptocurrencies. By different types we mean structure and what gives specific coins value in various ways to investors or users of the tokens. Such as paying dividends, being a store of value, loyalty coins/discounts and so forth.

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Crypto Session 4 | Important Lessons to Learn Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency space is unregulated and very risky! You should take some time t to learn from other people's experiences and mistakes. It is important to always do your own research and look into projects for yourself. In this crypto session, we talk about how to secure your digital assets, how to invest without emotion, how to not invest more than you can afford to lose, and how you can take other measures to prevent losses and uneducated decisions.

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Crypto Session 5 | How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrencies | Crypto Trading

In this crypto session, we discuss how you can start buying and trading cryptocurrencies. You should have by this point already have watched crypto sessions 1 through 4.

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Crypto Session 6 | Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management and Strategies

In this crypto session, we look at best practices for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio. We will discuss ways to make improvements and how to strengthen your positions.

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