Unibright Interview Stefan & Marten

Unibright Interview Stefan & Marten | DataDash

Welcome to this cryptocurrency video posted by DataDash. In this video you will learn about the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) and Unibright (UBT). Nicholas Merten of DataDash is an advisor for the Unibright project.

Unibright can help enterprises adopt blockchain smart contracts and create STOs. There are a lot of service issues or roadblocks when a business is first trying to get their toes wet and create smart contracts. They first need to hire a solidity developer which are hard to find. There has also been confusion regarding which blockchain platform to develop on. If the tides change and NEO is the better platform to develop on the Solidity code you had developer is no longer useful and you would need to hire a different programmer for your NEO smart contract.

Unibright has fixed this by creating template based smart contracts that can work with different blockchains. You are able to plugin different zap integrations to make in flow more seamlessly with the real world.


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