XRapid Activated? XRP Bull Run | What Caused It

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XRapid XRP Bull Run Sept 2018

Welcome to this episode of The Modern Investor. In this episode you will see that XRP has taken the number 2 cryptocurrency spot on coinmarketcap.com moving Ethereum into the number 3 spot. Just a few days ago XRP had a volume of about 220 million and as you can see in the video above the marketcap of XRP sits at 2.7 billion.

Some people are speculating that XRapid may have been activated. XRapid might be turning on slowly but surely to make sure that everything is working correctly. This assumption really is based on the giant leap in marketcap of XRP. This is speculation and in the days to come we will see if the XRP bull run for Sept 2018 continues.

Price predictions for XRP range from $5 to $589 per XRP. Between Ethereum and XRP blockchains the total dominance of marketcap that Bitcoin has is speculated to decrease in the years to come.


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