XRP Price Predictions of 589? | 1000x Gains

XRP Price Predictions of 589? | 1000x Gains

Welcome to this episode of The Modern Investor! In this episode you can hear about some news regarding the potential price prediction of XRP and where it could go after it launches. Some people believe that the XRP price could reach $589 by the end of the year 2018. This would be a huge increase in value from the current price of XRP which at the time of writing this is at .28 cents US. This would be more then 1000x gain if this 'bearableguy123' price prediction came to fruition.

Back in the early years of blockchain and Bitcoin it seemed very far fetched and quite unbelievable that Bitcoin would reach $100 never mind $1000.

Please do not take this as investment advice as this is just chatter from the XRP community. You can take what you like from this when you watch the video above for your self.


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